Vastu Shastra For Home Construction

Vastu Shastra is an ancient and mystical science for building and designing. Under this practice, buildings and homes are developed in a way that positive energies surround them. Planning and constructing a home or building according to Vastu can help to make the possessor’s life more prosperous, fruitful and peaceful. If you’re planning on constructing a new home, you should consider making it Vastu compliant for success and tranquility in your future. We have put together some Vastu tips and suggestions that you can incorporate in the construction of your home. Here’s everything you need to know:

Vastu Compliances For The Bedroom Construction

When constructing the bedrooms for your home there are certain things that need to be taken into consideration so that the bedrooms can be Vastu compliant.

  • First and foremost the master bedroom must be located southwest corner of a home that faces the east. The doors in all the bedrooms including the master bedroom must be very thick and solid. Thick and solid bedroom doors help to maintain privacy and intimacy. The door of the master bedroom and the other bedrooms must open up at least 90 degrees if you want opportunities to flow into your life.
  • Secondly, the walls of the bedrooms must have an even amount of thickness if you want success and good fortune to flow your way. The shape of the bedroom must be square or rectangular.
  • Thirdly, the bedroom should be designed in such a way that the beds can be placed with the heads pointing south. Lastly, once the room is complete, clutter must be avoided at all costs. Clutter brings in negativity and prevents progress and limits success. It is also advised that one must not keep a mirror in the northern corner of the bedroom as a mirror can end up reflecting your troubles back to you. If you absolutely must have a mirror in the bedroom, make sure that it is covered in the night.

Vastu Compliances For The Living Room

In order for the living room in your home to be Vastu compliant, here are a few things that you should consider:

  • The living room should be designed in such a way that it faces the north or the east. Typically the living room should be positioned in the northeast corner so that maximum positive energies and vibrations can be locked in on.
  • The seating arrangements of the living room should be placed in such a manner that the owner of the house faces sitting in the northern or eastern direction and other family members or visitors sits beside him or opposite him.
  • Any electronics in the living room should be placed in the southern corner of the living room. These electronics include the television, home theatre system, telephone, and other such products. The southern direction is considered to be the direction of fire and placing electronics in this direction will be beneficial for the homeowner and the family members.
  • When making important family-related decisions or business-related decisions in the living room, you must face the northeast corner while having a discussion as it will manifest in success and positive outcomes.

Vastu Compliances For Kitchen Construction

The Vastu compliances for the construction of the kitchen are as follows:

  • The kitchen must be constructed in the southeast corner of your home. All the electronic appliances of the kitchen like the toaster and mixer must be placed against the southern wall of the kitchen.
  • In the event that you’re unable to get your kitchen constructed in the southeast corner, another suitable option for the kitchen construction can also be the northwest corner of your home.
  • The kitchen should be bright and colorful. Some suitable colors that can be added to your kitchen include red, green, yellow and blue. These colors are suitable for the kitchen because of the play an important role in health improvement, promoting calmness and promoting better eating habits.
  • The kitchen door should be positioned in the northeast corner or in the north or east corner.
  • The gas or stove in the kitchen should be facing the southeastern corner for more happiness and prosperity in the home.
  • Drinking water should be placed in the northeast corner of your kitchen as this direction is considered to be the safest direction for water.

Vastu Compliances For Bathroom

Any bathroom, washroom, pond or waterbody that you’re installing in your home must face the northern or northeastern corner of your home. This is an essential Vastu compliance if you want steady finances flowing into your life. Further, make sure that the bathroom door is always kept shut when not in use so that negative energy from the bathroom doesn’t spread into your home. The taps and faucets in your bathroom and kitchen must not be leaky or dripping. Dripping and leaky faucets and taps result in financial loss and outflow of money.

Windows Should Not Be Obstructed

When planning the windows of your home make sure that they are planned in such a way that no furniture obstructs them. Further, you also need to make sure that the windows are kept clean at all times. Dirty and dusty windows prevent growth and success and bring in ill fortune to the owner of the home and the family members.

These are the basic Vastu Shastra rules for the construction of a home. Hindus from across the globe strongly believe in this science. This science is now spreading its wings to the westerners too. If you’re unsure of how to go about making your home Vastu compliant, you can always hire a professional Vastu consultant who will help you design your home appropriately and in a way that will capitalize on your success and progress. The tips and suggestions that we have put together for you are tried and tested and extremely effective and they will give you maximum benefits and bring positive energies into your home and your life.

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