Various Categories of MBA Course in India

Various Categories of MBA Course in India

Master of Business Administration which is often referred to as MBA, is one of the most desired and prestigious educational course in India. In the past days, many MBA degree holders in India were qualified from American Universities. This scenario has changed over the last few decades. Nowadays, there are various categories of MBA course in India are available in many management colleges and even in distance education.

MBA is a two-year programme which makes a candidate as an expert in various aspects of business administration. In the first year of MBA, a brief idea about various subjects of management is given to the students. And they are introduced to the specialized areas in the second year.

There is a number of options to choose from the various MBA courses in India. Also, you can kick off the major management entrance exam like CAT to get admitted in a recognized MBA college.

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MBA in Finance | Various Categories of MBA Course in India

An MBA in Finance is one of the most popular specializations as growth will immense in this field. The financial resource of any industry focuses on the planning and controlling of financial management.

In MBA financial management, you will get focused on management accounting and control, Indian capital and banking, privatization, money market, and international finance.

Career option after completing MBA in Finance, are

  • Corporate Finance
  • Corporate Banking
  • Treasury
  • Sales
  • Trading
  • Finance Ministry
  • Stock market
  • Hedge Fund Management  Complete Guide to CAT 4e

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Human Resource Management | Various Categories of MBA Course in India

MBA in HR management will provide the candidate with all necessary skills, concepts, and knowledge in such a way to manage human resources which leads to the success of an organization.

Through this course, you can learn all about recruiting, training, team building, performance updates, employee policy, benefits, salary and increments, employee health and safety as well as staff resources.

If a candidate has got good communication skills and can handle the hard situation well, can go a long way in this field. Career options after pursuing MBA in HR are

  • HR assistant
  • Recruiter
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Employee Relations Manager
  • HR Information System Manager
  • Training and Development Coordinator or Manager 
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MBA in Marketing Management | Various Categories of MBA Course in India

Marketing Management in a company meets the needs of consumers to the marketing resources. MBA in marketing management course teaches about the consumer demands into services or products, by which the company can offer, deliver and promote them in the marketplace.

Marketing management course includes service marketing, business marketing, advertising management, internet marketing, sales force management, customer relationship marketing etc.

Career option after MBA in marketing management is

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MBA in Entrepreneurship | Various Categories of MBA Course in India

The entrepreneurship course will cover the research on a wide variety of theoretical perspectives in entrepreneurship, research methods and tools and certain MBA subjects. Also, it includes allied disciplines like economics, strategy and organizational theory.

This course equips the students with self-confidence, goal setting, planning, problem-solving, information seeking and planned risk-taking. It also provides a best personal counseling to develop a great entrepreneur and a successful business executive. The Wall Street MBA: Your Personal Crash Course in Corporate Finance

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MBA in Healthcare Management | Various Categories of MBA Course in India

In India, the healthcare industry has shown a remarkable growth in the past few years. So, an MBA in Healthcare and Hospital Management may help candidates who are interested in the pharmaceuticals sector, government agencies, insurance organizations, hospitals and consulting firms in the health sector.

As a healthcare specialist, you must respond to various critical management problems faced by hospitals and other agencies under the health sector. Career option in healthcare management is a healthcare manager, healthcare finance manager, hospital administrator, pharmaceutical project manager. Some of the areas where health care management works,

  • Marketing
  • IT
  • Human Resource Development
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Health insurance 
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MBA in event management | Various Categories of MBA Course in India

MBA in Event management provides a set of skills to be used to set up events like seminars, conference, fairs, exhibitions, festivals, functions, symposiums and so on.

Event management involves identifying and understanding the target audience, developing the theme of the event, coordinating the technical parameters, projecting the cost, successfully conducting the event and much more.

Career options after graduating MBA in event management are,

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MBA in Rural Management | Various Categories of MBA Course in India

In the recent era, an increasing number of students are opting to work in the rural management filed with its changing socio-economic scenario and government policies on rural development.

Rural management applies the management principles to the rural sector like planning, organizing and controlling cooperatives and related organizations in the field of agriculture.

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The students of this field are encouraged to visit rural areas, interact and stay with the villagers. These are the part of their fieldwork and an organizational internship provides them a hands-on experience in a rural setup.

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Logistics Management | Various Categories of MBA Course in India

Logistic management is a part of supply chain management which deals with the aspects like planning, implementing, controlling of flow and storage of goods and service.

Many companies are in need of a new kind of supply chain manager and this has led to the creation of an MBA in supply chain management or Logistics & operations.

In logistic management course, students are trained with business communication, logistics planning and strategy, IT application in the supply chain, supply chain simulation, Strategic management, etc. career option after completing MBA in Logistics management is

  • Healthcare sector
  • Automotive
  • Publishing
  • Apparel and Lifestyle
  • FMCG and Consumer Electronics
  • Engineering and Electrical Hardware

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Thus, these are some of the top ranking MBA specializations in India. You must know that MBA courses are expensive, so you should find the best business school to complete the course. Without acquiring proper practical skills will waste only your time, effort and money.

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It is very ideal for a student to consider their career goals and professional development before choosing a specialization as this takes a massive role in aligning their future.

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