UFC Fighters – Know about the Highest Paid Fighters

UFC Fighters – Know about the Highest Paid Fighters

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is a mixed martial arts competition in the World. This is one of the largest biggest MMA promotion companies which possess a huge number of fighters on the roster. The main aim of the UFC competition was to find out the most efficient martial art in a tournament. UFC Fighters – Know about the Highest Paid Fighters

Ultimate Fighting Championship has received millions of visitors and it makes the sense of high-skilled fighters to obtain more earnings. Every day, the salaries of Ultimate Fighting Championship fighters are getting increased.

If you become the champion of UFC, you can set the terms and increases your rate. The largest sale in the history of UFC is when the company was sold out for 4.2 billion dollars. The pay-per records of this UFC records are defeated regularly when the new fighters arrive at the contest. UFC fighting salaries are ten times higher than other state jobs. However, it is more difficult to examine the highest paid UFC fighters but it can be estimated approximately.

In addition to this, fighters have other incomes through media work, sponsorships, seminars, movies, deals and in other ways. Here you can know about the highest paid UFC fighters in recent years.

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Conor McGregor- $ 37,770,000 | UFC Fighters – Know about the Highest Paid Fighters

Conor McGregor is the real superstar of Ultimate Fighting Championship. Conor is more popular outside the octagon than inside the set and he is well-known for trolling his components. Even if people don’t have knowledge about the UFC contest, they would know about the Conor.

Conor is an Irish fighter in UFC who has been the lightweight and Featherweight champion. He began his fighting career in the year of 2008.

Conor earned his first million with Nate Diaz for the short UFC 196 show. He was ranked as an 85th highest paid athlete at once and he reached the top ranking as fast as lightning. He achieved his goal and became a two-division champion in UFC 202 and earned 3.5 million dollars as the basic salary.

Then he played a boxing match with Floyd Mayweather Jr. and raised his balance. Apart from these data, he should have earned more money from pay-per-views sold. These are the minimum estimation of salary and there are many possibilities to get paid a lot.

Conor McGregor- $ 37,770,000Source Image

Michael Bisping – $7,135,000 | UFC Fighters – Know about the Highest Paid Fighters

Michael Bisping is also referred to as the ‘The Count’ who started his UFC in 2006. But in 1994, he competed in Knockdown Sports Budo before getting into UFC. Michael is a former UFC middleweight champion, sports analyst and an actor. In UFC 199, Michael won the championship and became the first ever British fighter to achieve it.

Michael became more popular when he won the Middleweight Championship against an American MMA fighter named Luke Rockhold. After a few years of doing hard work, he planned to give up his MMA dreams when he couldn’t afford it.

It is estimated that he had earned $540,000 which includes the money of $40,000 from Reebok sponsorship and his current earnings ranges over 7 million dollars.

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Alistair Overeem – $6,119,500 | UFC Fighters – Know about the Highest Paid Fighters

Alistair Overeem has been regarded as the decorated fighter of UFC in the heavyweight division. Alistair is a mixed martial artist of Dutch and the former kickboxer. He had participated in many promotional areas like K-1 World Grand Prix, Dream, Strikeforce, PRIDE Fighting Championship.

Overeem holds the pride of winning championship titles in both kickboxing and in MMA divisions. His net worth of the business is expanded when he fought against the fighters like Francis Ngannou, Curtis Blaydes and Sergey Pavlovich.

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In the recent contest, he defeated Pavolvich made him the money of total $850,000 considering the $10,000 sponsorship from Reebok. This made him reach the 5th position of the highest paid fighter in the 2018 list and his career earning would range about 6-million dollars.

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Brock Lesnar – $5,080,000 | UFC Fighters – Know about the Highest Paid Fighters

Brock Lesnar is well-known for his fight on WrestleMania XIX 2003, WWE Unforgiven in 2002, Summerslam in 2002. He is from Webster of South Dakota and his highlights in MMA career are defeating the opponents of Kazuyuki Fujita and Masahiro Chono in the year of 2005. In 2016, he fought against the Mark Hunt which obtained him a bulk of the money from a single match. This contest guaranteed him 2.5 million dollars without any loss.

The Brock Lesnar was found to be positive on turinabol which is a drug for improving the athletic performance. So he had to pay the penalty of $250,000 but it is not such a great loss for him when compared with his lifetime earnings.  Brock Lesnar has been recognized as a key figure and pay-per-view star until 2011.

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Anderson Silva – $6,822,200 | UFC Fighters – Know about the Highest Paid Fighters

Anderson is one of the greatest strikers in UFC who is famous for his winning ‘The Spider’. Silva is a professional mixed martial artist of Brazil and he has been the veteran of the sport for more than 20 years.

He had participated in various MMA competitions like Mecca, Shooto, Rage, Cage, PRIDE and the UFC. He is the second fighter for receiving the more successful title defenses stands after the first fighter called Demetrious Johnson.

Anderson SilvaSource Image

Anderson Silva fought with Derek Brunson which was considered as the controversial one for deciding the winning of ‘The Spider’. He earned the total amount of $820,000 including the bonus of $200,000 and $20,000 from the Reebok Sponsorship.

In 2017, after his participation in UFC 208, he was tested positive for synthetic testosterone and he was banned for 4 years. But the ban time was reduced to two years and he is expected to resume his play on 10th February 2019.

He is going to take part in the contest of ‘The Last Style blended’ Israel Adesanya. The fans of Silva are eagerly waiting to view the match but regardless of the result, he would receive a large paycheck at the end. The career earning of Silva is estimated at 7 million dollars.

Thus, they are the highest paid fighters in Ultimate Fighting Championship and their career earnings. The salary rate and the rankings of UFC fighters get updated every year during the competition.  

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