Top 10 Christmas tree ideas for this Christmas

Top 10 Christmas tree ideas for this Christmas

The Festive season has started and very soon we will be seeing people getting indulged in a number of festive occasions and by the end of the year, it would be the Big day of Christmas on the doors. While most of the people are already done with their preparations, there are some too who have not yet planned their Christmas day and how they going to get on with the celebrations eventually. Moreover, the biggest headache for some people is to decorate their place and most importantly, the Christmas tree. While we said that, let’s take a look at the Top 10 Christmas tree ideas for this Christmas.

Select the best spot for your Christmas tree

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Before you try to make any further arrangements for your Christmas tree Decoration, the first and foremost step that must be taken is picking up the right spot for your Christmas tree. Moreover, you got to decide which is the most premium space around your home and it should be something which must be getting all the attention from the first go.

Also, you got to ensure that the power supply to the Christmas tree must remain uninterrupted and for this reason, the electric port must be near the tree so as the wiring doesn’t cause any inconvenience to your daily work and schedule in the process and the kids at home doesn’t also get disturbed in their play.

Right Dimensions  | Top 10 Christmas tree ideas for this Christmas

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The Next thing which you must be looking at is the Dimensions part. While you would be knowing in advance about the height, width, length and breadth of your place, you should pick the right Christmas tree( Real or artificial) according to the same so as you won’t be getting all those last minute hiccups while inviting all your friends and family members for a Christmas dinner.

Your purpose must not only be to fit in the Christmas tree within your place, its branches and the decorative items must get all the required space to showcase it beauty in the best manner possible.

Fluffing | Top 10 Christmas tree ideas for this Christmas

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Fluffing is another process which must be followed in order to give your Christmas tree that amazing look this year. While it provides that overall finish to the Christmas tree, it also provides that sense of “Fullness” to the overall structure in the process.

This process comes as a “Must have “ for most of the artificial trees as those vacant spaces between the branches can certainly put an ugly look to your overall tree structure. Theme My Party Christmas Tree- 4 Feet

The Designer lights | Top 10 Christmas tree ideas for this Christmas

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Another thing which is being considered as a true essential is the light system. While you would be looking forward to out the most happening and designer lights to your Christmas tree this year, there’s something called arrangement which needs to be taken care of in the whole process. Moreover, you must start putting the lights from the top part and then take it forward to the bottom area in the process.  New Waterdrop String 16- Led Decorative Light, Warm White

The Color Combination | Top 10 Christmas tree ideas for this Christmas

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Another thing which would add some more glitters to your whole Christmas tree apart from the lights is the Color combination. While you would already know that more colors would ultimately bring more attraction to your overall Christmas structure, the focus should be on the Color scheme.

Also, Reds, greens and gold’s comes as a traditional-style based choice for Christmas while Yellow and white LED lights would present a better blue hue to the structure. Even if you want to provide a better and more season based look, you can pick silver, blues, and purples as the color choices.Outgeek 10PCS Christmas Flower Decorative Glitter Artificial Flower Xmas Tree Ornament

Baubles | Top 10 Christmas tree ideas for this Christmas

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Baubles are something which would add more shine and contrast to your Christmas tree and while you can start by putting the plain color based Baubles in the beginning from the inside and later adds the more multicolored ones to the outer parts of the Christmas tree. 24 Pcs in 1 Set Glitter Chic Christmas Tree Ball Baubles Xmas Party Wedding Hanging Ornament Christmas Decoration 

To give it a better look, you can put the large baubles near to the center of the tree to provide it with more depth while putting the smaller ones at the tip end of the branches.

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Garland banner | Top 10 Christmas tree ideas for this Christmas

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While most of the people would love to decorate their doors and entrances with various Christmas theme based figurines and hangers, putting a fancy Christmas garland banner would be quite feasible for your Christmas plans this year. You can make it yourself or get it purchased from the market as well. Jiada Merry Christmas Banner Big Size

All in all, this would act as a perfect decorative item when it comes to fantasize your concepts in relation to various aspects at your home or office. You can either put it at the staircase railing or place it right above the buffet table or the doorway to be precise. Moreover, there are lots of designs and color options available for the banners in the market and you can pick the best one as per your need.

Tree skirt | Top 10 Christmas tree ideas for this Christmas

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Tree skirts comes as a need of the hour when your tree would be coming along with a tree holder and while you would be putting all that hard work into the decorations part and lighting , you surely don’t want to put everything in vain just because of that ugly base. Christmas Tree Skirt Decorative Santa Snowman Xmas Tree Skirt Holiday Decoration

Moreover, tree skirts generally hides the wiring part and this would further provide a better and cleaner look to the overall structure. Therefore, getting a Tree skirt along for your perfect Christmas tree must be there in your list this year as well.

Tree topper | Top 10 Christmas tree ideas for this Christmas

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Once you are done with your decorations, baubles, fluffing, and garlands, you must now focus on Crowing your Christmas tree with a perfect and eye catchy Tree Topper. Tree topper matters a lot when it comes to adding a little bit flavor to your tree decorations and it often comes out as an icing on the cake.

You can pick from the traditional Toppers like Star which also symbolizes the Star of Bethlehem which helped and guided the Three Kings to baby Jesus. On the other hand, it was the angels who declared about Jesus’s birth to the shepherds.

Even if you are not sure about these ones, you can pick from a number of options available in the market like personalized toppers, snowflakes and birds Party Propz Christmas Cup Cake Toper 

Figurines | Top 10 Christmas tree ideas for this Christmas

Top 10 Christmas tree ideas for this ChristmasImage Source

Now that you have finished the decoration part, it’s time to hang some of the figurines on to the same to woo your little ones. You can try out certain cartoon characters or can also choose from your kid’s favorite movie star.

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While adding them would make your kids cherish the occasion with all the smiles, you would certainly be thanking us for the same. Salvus App SOLUTIONS 9 Piece Nativity Figurine Set for Christmas Decoration

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