Pros and Cons of iOS and Mac 


The Pros and Cons

The Pros and Cons: We are all more than familiar with the revolutionary vision child of Steve Jobs that is the brand called Apple. This particular brand has become a representation of not only some ground-breaking technology but also a claim to sophisticated technology. Now let us focus on the operating system that makes the brand Apple what it is iOS. This operating system was initially named iPhone OS but was then renamed to iOS after the later introduction of iPad to the market. But let’s get a rough picture of what even is an Operating system. It can basically be defined as a system of interpretation between the user and the actual physical device. It’s what allows your phone to decipher the commands of multiple software applications all the while giving it access to the features that your phone possesses like storage and touch screen. 

The Pros and Cons

So, what makes Apple’s iOS different from all the other Operating systems in the market? Well, mainly it sets itself apart from the individualized protection that it provides to every single application, thus taking away any chance of tampering by other applications or any external factors. It is designed in such a way that it is nearly impossible for the apps to be attacked by any kind of viruses. Though there still exists a certain level of malware despite it. This tight protective feature, however, holds back the user experience to a certain extinct as it doesn’t let the applications present on the phone interact with each other. 

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These Apple Macs come in a wide range of models, from iMac, Mac Pro, to MacBook laptops. The famous among these are the iMacs that are essentially all-in-one computers built into a screen. Every Mac comes with Apple’s own Operating system that is Mac OS C. But the models made since the year 2006 provide the feature of installing Windows by partitioning the hard drive. Macs are able to perform all the same general functions as that of a PC, like playing videos and music, internet access, games, word processing and much more. 

 Now let’s talk about the pros and cons of iOS and Mac. 

*iOS : (Pros) 

*iOS : (Pros) 

  • Firstly, the performance of iOS is very smooth and reliable.
  • It’s a well-known fact that the design and the overall look of Apple products are nothing short of sleek looking and Uber sophisticated and proves to be a contributor to the trademark that is an Apple product.
  • Being an obvious competitor to Android, it tests comparatively a lot better when it comes to generation of less heat for its running.
  • Another attractive aspect of iOS is its very well-known features that are preferred by gaming which are absolutely top-notch.
  • This operating system also provides just a very wide range of applications that covers a lot of ground as far as new technology is concerned.
  • It isn’t only limited to gaming as far as its features, as it is highly preferred in business too.
  • The Operating system’s fluid response is not only excellent but so is its UI.
  • In the very latest version of the iOS, there are now two notification menus.
  • It’s really good when it comes to multitasking, all the while providing the highest security.
  • For customization, it offers Jail breaking.
  • It provides good support when it comes to multi-language and also for Apple Pay.
  • The settings that are in its notification bar are very quick in performance.
  • It’s not only as light as a feather but is also provided with an attractive shiny metal coating.
  • The recent launches are waterproof and its glass is of sapphire glass which makes it very hard and durable. 
  • One of the most important aspects of iOS is the security it provides with features like face recognition and scanning of the fingerprint.
  • The camera quality is just excellent and it also offers a really good portrait mode.
  • For warranty purposes, it is possible to un-jailbreak it. 



  • It isn’t really flexible which is a considerable drawback since it only supports iOS devices, thus restraining its usage to particular devices.
  • The Operating system isn’t open source.
  • One of the important disadvantages of it is that the apps are too expensive and there is no support for widgets.
  • It restricts both the ringtone and the connectivity to just iTunes but a number of alternatives to get past these problems. 
  • The devices are not only of very high cost but also the costs for any kind of repair are very expensive.
  • Applications tend to take up a considerable amount of storage and also it has comparatively very poor battery life.
  • It also neither supports radio, nor NFC.

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  • The user interface of Mac is very streamlined in a way that it does not compromise many functions. It has a GUI that is very straight forward which can be noticed to be very similar to that of the operating system found in the iPad and iPhone.
  • The major edge that a Mac has over Windows is that its operating system is upfront and clean.
  • Apple not only happens to be involved in developing software but also in designing the hardware. This factor enables it to optimise the specifications based on the already existing Information regarding the hardware, thus resulting in an integration that is seamlessly between the collective hardware and the operating system. 
  • Another major advantage it offers is that it is very much less susceptible to security vulnerabilities and. malware issues. It was earlier so much as believed that iMac Desktop computers or MacBook laptops were completely free from malware, which does not hold true any longer. But what is noticeable is that worms and viruses which can attack Mac are much less compared to Windows.
  • Apple avoids a considerable amount of virus attacks by having the users buy and download applications only from its own app store and not any external third-party app sources. Mac is not also as much cluttered as Windows with issues of bloatware to add to it. 
  • It also comes preloaded with a lot of useful apps aimed to increase productivity, like its very own office productivity app that comes with numbers, pages and keynotes.
  • The preloaded apps also cater to creative professionals with apps for video editing, image manipulation, music production and much more
  • Mac is also way ahead of Windows when it comes to multitasking, with its features that enable users to easily switch between the apps with mouse gestures or track pads and also consists of specialized keys. 

(Cons )

The Pros and Cons

  • Again, the major disadvantage of Mac also happens to be that is very pricey and not in a range that is easily affordable, making its hold on the market not as much as strong as it would be in a different case.
  • The options when it comes to Mac’s hardware are very limited and so is the overall flexibility of it when it comes to upgrading it. Though its lifespan is long because of the integration and optimization of its hardware, this also means that any malware or failure of a component is not easily operable and the repair cost that’ll follow it is also just as much expensive. 
  • When it comes to the gaming experience, it hasn’t yet reached the same level as its competitors in the market and the game titles also seem to be scarce. 
  • Apps that are available in its store are very limited.

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