The Most Popular Bengali Sweets and Desserts

The Most Famous Bengali Sweets

The Most Famous Bengali Sweets

Most Popular Bengali Sweets: West Bengal, state of India, situated in the eastern piece of the nation. It is limited toward the north by the state of Sikkim and the nation of Bhutan, toward the upper east by the province of Assam, toward the east by the nation of Bangladesh, toward the south by the Bay of Bengal, toward the southwest by the territory of Odisha, toward the west by the conditions of Jharkhand and Bihar, and toward the northwest by the nation of Nepal. 

Most Popular Bengali Sweets

West Bengal has a peculiar configuration, its breadth varies from 200 miles (320 km) at one point to barely 10 miles (16 km) at another. It is around 1,350-mile (2,200-km) frontier with Bangladesh, neither natural nor well defined, is of key significance. Despite the fact that in state West Bengal positions as one of the smaller states of India, it is one of the biggest in populace. The capital is Kolkata (Calcutta). Area 34,267 square miles (88,752 square km). Pop. (2011) 91,347,736.

Food and Culture of Bengal

Food and Culture of Bengal

Food is  something that we can’t live without, and Bengalis sure know to make the most of their! Rice is a staple, attributable to the enormous estates of rice the whole way across the state. Roti, Vegetables with thick curry, fish, egg and meat structure staples of regular day to day existence. Fish is found in a wide range of assortments, and Bengalis have numerous remarkable dishes dedicated to a similar, for example, Malai curry of Prawn Fish, patori, ilish mach and so on. The desserts of West Bengal are likewise acclaimed with larger part of them are made of milk and its auxiliaries. The most acclaimed are rasogolla, sandesh, rasamalai, natively constructed pitha, and so on which are adored all through the nation. The modern day Bengali wants to investigate more, thus Anglo – Indian, Continental, Lebanese, Thai and Chinese are likewise favored in addition to the conventional Bengali cooking styles.

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Festivals of Bengal

Most Popular Bengali Sweets: West Bengal sees a variety of celebrations as well, much the same as its different viewpoints. Durga Puja is the most loved celebration of the locale, seeing group from everywhere throughout the world. It is the festival of praising the triumph of Goddess Durga over the evil presence Mahishasura. The streets are packed till the nine days that the celebrations are on. This celebration is a shower issue for the Bengalis with expand tents (known as pandals) going up in various pieces of the state and individuals purchasing new garments and embellishments solely for this time. Different celebrations like Kali Puja (which is praised during Diwali), Lakshmi Puja (celebrating to pay tribute to the Indian Goddess of Wealth) and so on are commended consistently.

West Bengal offers a rich assortment of rarities for each sense of taste. The sweet tooth of Bengalis, just as the assortment of desserts and pastries accessible in the area, is astounding. While a portion of those quintessentially Bengali plans and things have now discovered their way to the remainder of the nation, there is a few which have not arrived at their merited potential and fame yet. In this rundown, we bring to you a rundown of the heavenly Bengali desserts that you should attempt at any rate once in your life.

1) Bengali Sweets Doi

Bengali Sweets Doi

One of the most famous and surely well-known sweets in Bengal is the smooth and delightful Mishti Doi. Made with a mix of thick milk and brown jaggery which is left overnight to ferment, this is something one basically need to attempt. Another variation of curd is Bhapa Doi which is made from blending yogurt and condesed milk which is then steamed and is typically garnished with almonds and pistachios make for a heavenly finish to any supper. Though it looks like pudding, it is extremely free from gelatine and is healthy and cooling, too. For the best experience make a point to have this Bengali sweet chilled and directly from a fridge.

2) Malpua


Most Popular Bengali Sweets: A pancake that is additionally a dessert: need we state more? Malpua is a syrup-soaked mixture produced using flour and sugar and additional ingredients incorporate coconut among others. These smalle pancakes are fried before being absorbed sugar syrup. The Bengali sweet is likewise prevalent in a few pieces of north India and in Odisha.

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In the same way as other Bengali desserts with an Odisha association, Rasmalai is a serious hit in India. It is made with little sugary chunks of chhena absorbed malai and with a run of cardamom. It is cooked in a mixture of sugar syrup, milk, saffron, pistachios and kheer. The little balls are drenched and cooked in stewing milk cream. The finished result is much the same as having little rasgullas absorbed in a milky, creamy base. Needless to say, it is completely heavenly.

4) Payesh


A delectable Bengali treat with a thick smooth consistency, it is made with milk, rice, sugar, ghee alongside flavors, for example, cardamom and bay leaf and furthermore dry fruits and nuts and is Bengal’s equivalent for Kheer.  It is commonly served during winters. Variations incorporate gurer payesh which is made with jaggery which is a special ‘gur’ and is available during winters only. It is prepared with richness of jaggery and loads of stirring while cooking. Chhenar payesh which is made with chhena.

5) Pantua


Most Popular Bengali Sweets: Another Bengali Mithai served on a bed of sugar syrup, Pantua is produced using a yummy blend of milk, semolina, ghee, khoya and sugar. Like gulab jamuns, they are tough outside and sweetly soft inside and  these pack a delightful punch with rich brown colour. It tastes best both when served hot or cold. You should not pass up this one.

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The word amrita itself signifies ‘manna’ or the nourishment of the divine, and this dessert does not disappoint. Like a jalebi, it is planned into spirals with improving curlicues around the edges. This dish is produced using ground dal, sugar and cardamom which is then fried in ghee.

7) Chanar Jilipi

Most Popular Bengali Sweets

Most Popular Bengali Sweets: In case you’re a fanatic of the typical jalebi yet need another experience for your taste buds, attempt this. Produced using chhenna, khoya and flour, it looks like the winding of a jalebi however flaunts another and flavorful taste. It is best eaten warm and fresh.

8) Patishapta

Most Popular Bengali Sweets

Patishapta is a celebration most loved sweet dish and comprises of a heavenly crepe made of maida, sooji and rice flour that envelopes a blend of coconut, cardamom, jaggery, khoya and dry fruits. These are served both hot and cold. Patishapta whill melt in your mouth leaving you with a happy feeling. This is a festival favourite and is particularly delighted in during regular and harvest related celebrations mainly on Makar Sakranti and Poila Boishakh ( Bengali New Year), this is always made at home. It is surely the childhood food memory of Bongs.

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Most Popular Bengali Sweets

Most Popular Bengali Sweets: Made of flour, coconut, cream, sugar and slight hint of saffron, this is a famous sweet in Bengal and is best served chilled. The sweet is oval fit as a fiddle and frequently has a caramel shade to it. It can likewise arrive in an assortment of other dynamic hues. Now and again, as an embellishment, the sweetmeat is covered in mawa or coconut drops. No celebration is complete without this.

10) Joynagarer Moa

Joynagarer Moa

Moa is a delightful dry invention made out of jaggery, puffed rice and ghee that is stuffed together into a round scrumptious ball. The occasionally accessible Joynagar-er Moa which is maybe one of the most delectable Bengali desserts you will ever attempt. This particular kind is likewise spotted with dry fruits. Moa can be made with ‘muri’ or ‘Khoi’.

There is a prominent saying ‘What Bengal thinks today, Rest of the India will think tomorrow’. This determines what a rich hereditary legacy the individuals of Bengal have. Bengal has been home to extraordinary social reformers like Raja Ram Mohan Roy and Vidyasagar. The extraordinary holy person Ram Krishna Param Hans and Nobel Laureate Rabindra Nath Tagore additionally had their foundations in Bengal’s dirt. Today, Bengalis mirror a blend of customary qualities and current conventions. They have profound fondness toward workmanship, art and music and predominantly put stock in communism.

The way of life of West Bengal is viewed as perhaps the most extravagant culture in India. Aside from bragging its tremendous commitment in reconstruction developments, the state likewise assumes the praise for being the pioneer of cosmopolitan culture in the nation. Throughout the years, the way of life of West Bengal has risen as the ideal mix of innovation and conventions. The sacredness of Hooghly, the excellence of Eastern Himalayas, the decent variety of Sunderbans and the freshness of the Tea Gardens, all mix together to comprise what we call the one of a kind culture of West Bengal. Bengali culture likewise has its root in Bengali music, Bengali film and Bengali writing. The delectable Bengali cooking additionally frames a significant constituent of the state’s social legacy.

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