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Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards

Tarot cards can give reasonably accurate predictions of the future. When deciphered correctly by a professional tarot card reader, the tarot cards you pull out may just be able to prepare you for your near future. If you’re wondering what your tarot reading for 2018 is based on your sun sign, we have the predictions laid out for you. Here are the predictions as per the 12 signs:



There are tons of hidden gifts and talents that you have within you but you have kept them hidden away from the world. This year is all about breaking out of your social anxieties and displaying your talents to the world. Avoiding hiding from the world and socialise more frequently. You might even meet your one true love or soulmate in 2018. Let go of the past and all the fears that are currently ruling you. Start your life all over again and make big plans for future. Make sure to get enough exercise and fresh air on a regular basis too.



The tarot predictions for the Taurus sun sign for 2018  indicate bountiful opportunities flowing in. This year for the Taurus sun sign is all about success, wealth, progress and growth. However, keep in mind to avoid making impulsive decisions and risky moves. Plan wisely before you take any business decision. Start saving money regularly so that it can come in handy in an emergency situation. Try to include some sort of spirituality in your life by spending a small part of your day meditating. Be prepared to attract and meet new people in your life.



You may have worked really hard over the past few years but haven’t received any benefits for your efforts. However, this year is going to be different so don’t give up. You will end up reaping the rewards of your hard work and you will be able to achieve a great number of your targets. Avoid lending money to anybody in 2018 because there are very high chances that you may not see that money ever again. If you’re single there are very high chances that you may meet a prospective suitor. However, be sure to make your boundaries clear with anyone who is courting you, or else you may end up in an excessively needy and emotionally draining relationship.



The Cancer star sign has had a few very hard and trying and testing years. This year, however, people who are ruled by the cancer sun sign will find some respite and relief. You may finally get that much needed lucky break. Things will begin to flow smoothly in all aspects of your life. You need to be ready to indulge in new experiences, travel and maybe even strike off at least one thing from your bucket list. You need to spend some time introspecting so that you can improve your previously damaged personal relationships.



You need to come out of the shell that you have been hiding in and start being more expressive with your feelings and emotions. Your sixth sense and intuition will be uncannily accurate in 2018. Follow your gut or that little voice in your head when making important decisions. On a professional level you need to do things differently from how you have always being doing them. Find the creative side within you by indulging in music and writing and other forms of art. Take care of your digestive system and skin in 2018.



Those ruled by the Virgo sun sign may see a little bit of stagnancy in their lives. Progress and growth may come to a standstill and you will find yourself wondering where you’re going wrong. You need to keep reminding yourself that a slow phase doesn’t mean that you’re failing, it just means that you may need to change your way of handling things. You will, however, find financial stability coming your way in 2018. People ruled by the Virgo sun sign may also take a hit on their love lives this year because of their strong need to be alone.



All the confusion and mental chaos that you have been suffering from will disappear in 2018. Your mind will become absolutely clear and you will be able to make assertive decisions. You must no longer allow people to take advantage of your kind and giving nature. Try to spend some time outdoors or amongst children this year as these things will bring you great amounts of happiness and joy. Your financial gains may see a bit of slowdown, however, on a personal level there maybe chances of an engagement or the arrival of a child.



Stress levels for those rule by the Scorpio sun sign may be extremely high in 2018. Things that you have neglected over the past few months may come back and blow up in your face. You need to make sure that you spend time with your family, take care of your health and avoid dodging responsibilities. People who have been looking for job opportunities abroad may just get lucky this year. Avoiding unnecessary expenditure in 2018 because you may end up spending more than you earn.



2018 is going to be an extremely fruitful but busy year for those rule by the Sagittarius sun sign. In order to maximise on your profits, you need to make sure that you are well-organised and planned. You may end up travelling a reasonable amount this year and there may even be a possibility of a relocation. If you’re falling short of hands to get work done, don’t be afraid to reach out for help. All in all, this year is going to be bountiful, progressive and successful for you.



Those ruled by the Capricorn sun sign may see a lot of spiritual changes. You will find yourself growing to new spiritual heights and having many deep inner realisations. There are high chances that you may suffer from excessive anxiety and getting help for the same is recommended to avoid confusion and mental ailments. Avoid being impulsive when you’re making decisions on matters that relate to the heart or you may end up getting hurt.



This year is going to be everything you can possibly imagine and more. Professionally, personally and in all aspects of life you will get everything you have ever desired. Your relationships with friends and loved ones will be smooth flowing and fantastic. You will end up enjoying a great number of luxuries in 2018 too.



Keeping your mood in control this year. If you’re battling anxiety, don’t get carried away with the negative thoughts that pop up in your mind when you’re anxious. Avoid letting your fears consume you. Quit any bad habits and addictions that you may have. People who are self-employed may get some excellent business opportunities mid-year.

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These are all the 2018 tarot predictions for the 12 sun signs. These predictions will prove to be accurate and you can prepare yourself well in advance for whatever life and fate have to throw your way.

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