Reduce Strain After Working Long On Laptops

Reduce Strain After Working Long On Laptops

Reduce Strain After Working Long On Laptops

We are living in the period where technology plays a paramount role in our everyday lives. We are
dependent on the technology for our day to day activities. Nearly every person on the every corner of
the world makes use of computers and laptops to simplify human work. As much as it sounds wonderful
to simplify tasks on daily basis using laptops or computers, it comes with its own disadvantages for us to
deal with. With each day passing by, science and technology is introducing new things or devices into
the market.Today, Laptops, computers, notebooks have become much smarter and also smaller coming
in different versions for simplifying our work. There is a multiple downside which is worth mentioning



  • Most common disadvantage and most common thing that we always hear is that it strains our
    eyesight and makes them sore and dry and causes a lot of stress.
  • Needless to say it causes headache, spending long time in working in front of a laptop makes
    your head heavy which means that you are making your mind work tirelessly in front of a laptop
    without taking breaks. While using laptop for long hours we strain our body by having a bad
  • You will have an improper alignment of neck, body, shoulders if you work for longer hours in
    front of the laptop. They also have a long-lasting effect on our health as well.
  • It also results in obesity as we sit and munch food at our sitting place. And it also causes over
    eating problems.
  • With no movement for a long time also makes fat accumulation in our body leading to obesity
    or weight gain problems. Sometimes when we are so indulged in our work we tend to miss or
    skip meals leading to unhealthy body conditions, this is similar to how we munch on when we
    watch television or movies.
  • It also causes poor blood circulation by sitting in one place for a longer time; it also causes blood
    clots, weakness in the limbs and muscle cramps. This is a generation where people lack physical
    activities due to technologies that make us sit in a place. A long hour of just browsing has caused
    millions of individuals to be lazy and not do any physical work. To be honest some people might
    be working hard for their jobs but some others might just be wasting time by doing
    unproductive things using a laptop.
  • Needless to say in both cases health is the main concern due to exposure to laptops for longer
    hours. Unproductive things such as gaming, net surfing and chatting. They might be for just
    entertaining but there is a limit as of how much a person utilizes the technology. It also causes
    sleeplessness or insomnia due to prolong exposure of being in front of a laptop.
  • Many youngsters have this problem of insomnia due to usage of laptops. Normal sleep pattern
    is affected due to this as well. Not just this but also depression is another concern that we need
    to face because of this.
  • People feel depressed, less cheerful and become isolated from the world in many cases. Regular
    use of laptops can make a healthy person have an adverse effect on his health.
  • The biggest distraction for youngsters is excessive use of computers and easy access to millions
    of data will have a poor effect on their education as well. Although it helps a lot of students it is
    also considered as a disadvantage in terms of education.
  • It might have a poor effect on their academic performance. Scrolling of countless pages on the
    internet for a longer time is a waste of time and also unproductive. Since there is so much of
    information available online it will make people be less creative and more dependent on the
  • We are also very much aware of how addictive the technology is, once you become addictive to
    this, it’s quite difficult to come out of it.
  • We lose interest in many other things in life and our focus on life is really lost and makes us
    depressed, sad, and we get easily bored which makes us come back to use it more.
  • It makes us all virtually active but none of us are literally active. We know there are a plethora of
    effects of using laptops for longer hours and the main and the biggest concern is our health.
  • The worst place to keep a laptop and work is our laps. Laptops are devices that emit a lot of heat
    which has the most harmful effect on our health. They say a male’s fertility is affected by using
  • Studies have shown that leads to the damage to sperms. There is another condition called
    toasted leg syndrome where the skin looks molted with brown color. This is a type of skin
    disease. These are the important effects of usage of laptops for longer hours greatly affecting
    our mental and physical health.

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  • Usage of general lighting and adjusting laptop’s screen brightness can greatly reduce its impact
    on our eyes. Always place your screen at proper angles to avoid glare and reflections on our
  • Make sure to have your eyes checked regularly or attend eye exams to make sure everything is
    fine. Keep naturally blinking to avoid drying of eyes.
  • Take a break from constantly sitting in front of it, exercise more often, go out and breathe fresh
  • Get to know your outside world more than the virtual one. Reduce the stress of work by having
    an active social life, make friends in real and not just on Facebook.
  • Be a seeker of natural positive energy from people around you, this will make you deal with so
    many problems and will make you more happy, active and also avoids the harmful health effects
    that it has on us. Always remember prevention is better than cure. Take proper breaks in order
    to eat your meals on time.
  • Maintaining a healthy diet is an important aspect of life even though many of us always ignore
  • Become more creative and allow your brain to think instead of always being dependent on the
    technology for answers or our home works. So spending less time on laptop will reduce
    depression and insomnia and provides you a good night sleep.
  • Always focus on a distant object which will reduce the stress on our eyes. Our mind and body
    requires rest from prolonged exposure to laptop. Always relax your shoulder, take deep breath
    and relax.
  • Keep changing your body position once in a while. Properly adjust your keyboard to make it
    properly aligned with your body. Use a laptop desk for your laptop. Make sure you practice
    exercises or stretches in order to provide proper blood circulation to your body part. Drink lots
    of water as well to energies your body.
  • You need to have a proper body posture to avoid body pains, use a comfortable chair when you
    are experiencing discomfort; you should know that your body needs some rest.
  • Use proper lighting and avoid working in excessive bright light. Use an anti-glare screen that will
    reduce the glare having less effect on your eyes. The dryness of your eye and irritation can be
    prevented by blinking more often.
  • Consult a doctor to reduce the risk of poor eyesight. Health is a major priority and one should
    not compromise with it. Even though there is a multitude of tasks important or unimportant which has to be done, proper usage of technology keeping your health in mind one can reduce
    the stress from using laptops for a longer time.
  • Another solution to this problem is that one can finish many tasks without depending much on
    the technology, by doing this you can greatly reduce the ill effect on your health and become
    more active, organized in doing your daily activities. Face the real world by taking a break from
    the virtual world.
  • Stop being lazy. According to studies it is said that using laptops for a long period causes skin
    cancer. This deserves serious attention. You should regularly consult a doctor to get proper
    treatment for such dangerous issues.
  • Computer have become so popular that we tend to spend a lot of time on it since it makes our
    life more easy that we fail to realize how much it harms us socially and psychological even
    though sometimes it provides entertainment, sitting in front of it results in being highly
    unproductive and has adverse effect on the health like mentioned above.
  • Play more outdoor games than online gaming. Hang out with friends often instead of staying
    glued over it. Hence, the effects and solution have been mentioned in order to reduce strain due
    to excessive use of laptops.
  • Proper utilization of technology and laptops is of at most important in our daily life.


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