How to Protect Yourself in Rainy Season?

How to Protect Yourself in Rainy Season

How to Take Precautions in Rainy Season

Precautions in Rainy Season is the favorite season for many people because it comes after summer. It is a most acceptable season for the teen ages. The teenagers like to play different games like football  In this rainy season. In summer the temperature and the humidity of the atmosphere rise too high for the humans. So they are waiting for the new wet and cold new rainy season after hot summer. In India, the rainy season starts from the month June and ends in September month. Those four months, they are generally known as the rainy season. This rainy season is also known as “Wet season” due to the maximum rainfall occurs into this season. It is also termed as a “green season” by the tourist for delightful atmosphere. Though this rainy season is very favorite for  people, the risk of catching different diseases or infections is high during this season. All the peoples must take extra cautious about viruses and bacteria. This season brings a host of ailments, cold to serve infections, ranging from a cough and the chance of hospitalization increases highly.

rainy season

For this reason, this season is very unhygienic for the human. In this season people suffer different diseases like cough, cold and flu and also some water-related illness like typhoid, malaria, cholera, dengue, jaundice etc.In today’s life of hectic hurry, most of the people want to spend money on their fitness effort. So to prevent those diseases on this season we have to take some precautions. Those are discussed later. 



Keep your house clean: In rainy season we generally face some diseases which correlated to water. Most of the “germs” of diseases come from water resources. “Germ” means not only the bacterium but also any microorganism or any non-living pathogen such as fungi, viruses, protests, droids or prions.  This type of infectious illnesses come from water. So we have to clean all the house properly.We have to check the all resources of water, drain pipes and water clogging or leakage from especially AC, water cooler and washing machine area. We have to replace any broken drain pipeline by which the polluted water comes into house. The stag water is the birthplace of different viruses, so we have to clean unnecessary stag water around the house.

Take a shower if you get wet in the rain: We must take a shower after reaching home from the outside because it clears the germs or infections come from the outside that creates diseases.  We also avoid using wet dresses or wet hair in front of ACs or air cooler. 

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Keep hydrated and drink clean, safe water:  We already come to that most of the harmful viruses come through water. So we have to drink safe, filtered water or boiled water. Drinking boiled water during the rainy season is essential for humans because it controls good blood circulation and also the excellent digestion power. And also the probability of the presence of germs or infections in boiled water decreases rapidly. We must avoid unfiltered water from roadside shops. We have to check and clean the water filter routinely at home. 

 Check ventilation:  We must to check and clear all the ventilation present in the house because it flushes out all the bacteria or germ present in the room air. So in this way, we can prevent the diseases which come from wind. We can get fresh air by using proper ventilation process in the house.

Keep the hand sanitize handy: When we come from outside firstly, we must wash our hands properly using sanitize. Also, we have to clean our side properly using sanitize before eating or cooking food because germs, viruses or bacteria will come to our body through hands. So we must carry sanitize while we travel from one place to another.

 Have soups:  In rainy season we have to drink more soups instead of tea or coffee because hot soup increases our body immunity power massively.  Warm saline gargles are also very helpful to prevent from such infections. This spicy soup is essential for the children because they have low immunity power.

 Lemon shots:  In rainy season we must to take vitamin c for resisting from germs, infections or bacteria.  This vitamin c is highly present in lemon juice. We also have to take food which mainly contains vitamin c.

Use dehumidifiers:  If we stay in a humid zone then we must to use the dehumidifiers to prevent from diseases, but we should change the water properly. 

Pile on immunity boosters: Nutmeg, tulsi, big cardamom, turmeric and lemongrass etc. can boost our immunity power to fight against those germs, infections or viruses. So we have to eat those natural products in the rainy season to boost up our immunity level against those germs. 

 Take influenza and pneumonia shots:  We must follow that if we are asthmatic, then we must not take antibiotics indiscriminately. In rainy season if the immunity power of our body decreases highly due to any disease, then we have to take rest properly. At that time, we must not go outside from home because other viruses can also attack that time due to the low immunity power of the body.

Always wash fruits and veggies before eating: We must avoid fruits selling beside the roadside shop because it may contain germs. We must wash fruits and vegetables properly with fresh water before eating. 

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Vanish the dark, damp and dingy: Keep it dry, allow the sun and air in.: We must use proper ventilation process in the room to keep the air clean. We must pass the polluted air from the room to prevent from diseases. We know that the dark and damp places are the proper birthplace of different types of viruses, germs and bacteria. So we have to allow the sunlight to come into the house properly because this sunlight can demolish this type of bugs. So we have to keep our room dry and also allow to enter the fresh air and sunlight into the room because the damp place can generate viruses or bacteria.   

Don’t pop antibiotics indiscriminately: In rainy season we suffer different diseases due to the various germs and bacteria. To avoid this, we have to take some injections or medicines as a precaution before we fall into any disease. This antibiotic increases the immunity power of our body highly. 

 Stay at home if you are sick: In rainy season if we fall in any disease, then we must not go outside from home for work because we need proper rest at that time. In this time immunity power of the body decreases highly so if we go out, then the chance of attack of other viruses increases. And also our germs can transfer to the other body. Thus the probability of spreading the germs increases highly at that time. That’s for we have to take rest at home in rainy season if we fall in disease.                                                                                           

Stay safes from mosquito: We must to aware of the fact that the stag water is the birthplace of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes spread the germs of different diseases like typhoid, malaria etc. So to prevent those diseases, we have to take the precaution about to control the mosquitoes. That’s why we have to clean our area correctly. 

Drink hot beverages: In rainy season we must drink hot drinks because it increases the immunity power of our body to prevent from diseases.

Avoid using air conditioner: We must avoid the use of an air conditioner at that season. If we sit in front of an air conditioner with wet hair or body, then the probability of infections increases highly. So we have to avoid the use of ac in the rainy season.

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Increase vitamin intake: We have to take different types of vitamins, mostly vitamin c to increase our immunity level for preventing diseases.

Teach children about basic safety: So to prevent those diseases, we must to take some precautions and also have to teach the children about basic safety about rainy season diseases. Children must know what to do in the rainy season to prevent infections.

From the above passage, we come to know about the different diseases spread in the rainy season. We also come to know the various precautions we have to take to prevent those diseases in our locality. We always have to carry an umbrella while we were going to the outside of the house. We also make some vitamins or antibiotics to keep our nutrition up. By this way, we can also increase our immunity power of the body to fight for those diseases. We also take some backup clothes ready and keep up with weather updates.  

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