10 Most Downloaded Apps from Google Play

10 Most Downloaded Apps from Google Play

Most Downloaded Apps on Google Play Store

Most Downloaded Apps on Google Play Store: At this day and age, we live in, it’s safe to say that a huge part of our lives revolves around the internet with our phones now becoming the center of our gravity. With it, comes countless innovative, creative, sometimes counterproductive applications on our phone that we’re all unabashedly guilty of being sucked into, with its black hole of infinite scrolling and tapping. 

Most Downloaded Apps on Google Play Store

Now here’s a list of top applications downloaded from Google play store –



YouTube over the years has transitioned into something that has surpassed even the mainstream media. This video sharing platform was created by former PayPal employees-Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim in the year 2005 of February and was then bought by Google in the year 2006. It allows users to watch and upload videos, create video playlists, comment, share and also subscribe to channels. Its content ranges from just random video clips to documentaries, music videos, TV and movie clips, educational videos, trailers, video blogging and live streams. What was initially known as a platform for just sharing videos, either it be random tidbits, clips, vlogs, funny skits or just meme energy clips gone so viral that it just as well be an important part of our history as generational humour evolving through the past decades, it has always been both a source of entertainment and also somewhat of a time capsule in video format. With changing times and the realisation of the opportunities that the platform provides, being a YouTuber is nothing less than a traditional job in the present time, with a reliable income if done right and also with a little bit of luck your way. Though presently, the platform seems to have been stormed by network media, making it lose its authenticity of being dedicated to original creators, by just catering their algorithms to big corporations. The launch of Jio, on the other hand, has had its own influence on the viewer count of YouTube in the country rising rapidly. YouTubers and YouTube channels that have been around for more than a decade have developed their own loyal fan base because of their consistent content over the time, quite successfully building a business around the same to sustain themselves as well as their channel. Download mark – over 5 billion.

#2) Google Maps 

Google Maps 

Most Downloaded Apps on Google Play Store: This app is right at the top when it comes to the list of most useful applications of all time. Saying this generation would be lost quite literally without Google maps is an understatement. Our world has become as busier as it is impatient. We’re too much in a hurry to learn to read a physical map, we have too many unknown places to go to without letting language or people be a barrier for navigation. And this app is a culmination of the solution to all our navigation problems. Download mark – over 5 billion. 

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Imagine how unorganized your life, especially the professional one would be without Gmail around to sort things for you. This is the most direct, formal, to the point app for communication without the extra hassle that comes with other such applications. Be it mailing for office work, sending your work resume, your academic assignments, sharing media and documents or just letting people know about social engagements, there’s no app more efficient than Gmail. Download count – over one billion and under-five billion.

#4) Facebook 

Most Downloaded Apps on Google Play Store: What started out as a website called Face mash by a Harvard student with the help of his friends and then pivoted to a different platform called Facebook, turned into a global sought after social media phenomenon in a matter of little time, with just the most rapid growth. Facebook for the the past decade was the go-to for students of all spectrum to share their life with their friends, keep in touch, find people and make new friends for the longest time. Along with fellow students and roommates Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes, Harvard’s Mark Zuckerberg found this social networking service company, which now happens to be one of the four big technology companies in the world, right alongside Google, Apple and Amazon. Its membership was limited initially by members to just Harvard and then it was extended to Columbia, Yale and Stanford. Then it went on to include other Ivy League and higher education institutions and lastly high school. But since the year 2006, anybody that claims to be over the age of 13 is allowed membership. It also quickly transitioned into being a platform with users belonging to a wide range of age groups. Though it presently isn’t at the very top of where it used to be in the social media hierarchy, it’s still very present. But Facebook doesn’t come without its own problems and controversies, the biggest recent backlash being severe accusations of invading its users’ privacy with very intrusive policies and also acting as a platform that allowed to push political propaganda in the recent US elections, allegedly at fault for manipulating political data to its users. Download count – over one billion and under-five billion.

#5) Whats App Messenger

Whats App Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger is basically the most commonly used application for communication on a more personal level, basically all over the world. This application which is also owned by Facebook now adopts encryption to protect user’s privacy. It not only runs on mobile devices but also is accessible from Mac desktop and Windows computers. This cross-platform messaging application allows users to send both text and voice messages, make video and voice calls, share documents and media as well as live locations. Date of launching – 18-8-2010

#6) Facebook Messenger 

Facebook Messenger 

Facebook has launched many apps over a wide range of operating systems in relation to its website as a way to upgrade its user interface and experience. Facebook Messenger was launched as a way to revamp its messaging service, in the year 2010. It was originally developed in 2008 as Facebook chat. Messenger offers users basic messaging services, sharing of media as well as stickers, react to other user’s messages, interact with bots and sharing of files.

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Most Downloaded Apps on Google Play Store

Most Downloaded Apps on Google Play Store:: Instagram, generally known as Insta or Ig was launched in the year 2010 of October by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom. Initially, it was exclusively just released on iOS and only later released a version for Android after a year and a half. Owned by Facebook, this social networking site offers users to upload pictures and videos which can also be edited with various filters and editing tools. Instagram has an organised platform that helps you find users, accounts and content you’re looking for with the help of hashtags and location information. Instagram has become a go-to app where every user puts forth their best aesthetic, be it a celebrity or not. It is also the birthplace of ‘Instagram influences’ who have a huge influence on the social market because of their advertising power over their followers.

#8) Skype

Most Downloaded Apps on Google Play Store

Skype is at the top of the list when it comes to video communication. This telecommunications application provides both voice calls and video chats between mobile devices, computers, tablets, Xbox One consoles and also through smart watches through the Internet. One of the main features Skype offers is video conference calls. Skype was released in the year 2003 of August by Janus Friis and  Niklas Zennström, with the help of Priit Kasesalu, Jaan Tallinn and Ahti Heinla. Skype’s business model is freemium, in the sense that Skype-Skype calls are free of cost. But some network administrations have banned Skype on government, education, corporate and home networks with the reasoning that this is inappropriate use of resources, the bandwidth usage being excessive and making it a security concern. 

#9) Subway Surfers

Most Downloaded Apps on Google Play Store

Most Downloaded Apps on Google Play Store:: Subway Surfers was developed in Denmark by both SYBO Games and Kiloo. This is a gaming app where players who take roles of graffiti artists make a run for it through the railroad tracks when caught in the act by a cop and his dog. Subway surfers was launched in the year 2012 on 24th May with seasonal updates. But since 2013 of January, it has adopted an update every three-week system based on “World Tour” theme. Subway surfers was not only the most globally downloaded game in the year 2017 but also the very first game to pass the one billion downloads threshold on the Google play store. 

#10) Clean Master

Clean Master

Developed by Cheetah Mobile with over 900 million+ downloads, Clean Master was released in the year 2013. Clean Master helps the users boost their phone’s performance by cleaning up junk files and saved cache. It also has an integrated antivirus that both scans and cleans viruses and restricts malware. It’s both a RAM and Game booster, with battery saver feature and WiFi security.

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