Most Beautiful Landscapes in the World 

Most Beautiful Landscapes in the World 

Most Beautiful Landscapes

Most Beautiful Landscapes in the World: It’s hard to acknowledge the beautiful things our world has to offer when you’re stuck in a cycle of mundane life in overwhelming cities. Here’s a list of places in the whole world that’ll surely take your breath away. Be it for vacation, or to step up your Instagram game, all these places are more than worth hiking over.

Most Beautiful Landscapes in the World

1) Elephant Island in Antarctica 

Elephant Island in Antarctica 

Let’s start this list with the coldest spectacle the world has to offer. Elephant Island is more famously known for being Ernest Shackleton and his crew’s desolate refuge in the year 1916. This island is mainly a mountainous island which is completely covered with snow and is off the Antarctica coast. Elephant Island is located near the Southern Ocean, in outer reaches of Shetlands Islands in the south. But the Elephant Island is accessible to tourists only from late October until late March, during austral summer. The island is full of polar wildlife that’s breathtaking and you can’t help but marvel in awe at its stunning icebergs. Days spent on deck, looking at whales and spotting albatross soaring is nothing short of the ideal as far as vacations go.

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Scottish Highlands in Scotland 

Scotland has been everybody’s favorite vacation destination since so many years for good reason. These Highlands of lush green are not only regions filled with ancient landscapes, but also with some fascinating history that comes along with it. Scottish Highlands is known as much as for their turbulent history, as they are for their magnificent geography. This makes the Highlands both culturally and geographically enriched region. Autumn is the preferred time to give this place a visit because the rest of the seasons are mostly rainy and cold. The Highlands are full of amazing wildlife, awe-inspiring scrivener and lonely magnificent landscapes that offer solitude. You can enjoy all this while dining some mouth-watering seafood and socialize with the down to earth Scottish locals. 

3) Machu Picchu in Peru 

Most Beautiful Landscapes in the World

Most Beautiful Landscapes in the World:  Famously known around the world as ‘The Lost City of the Incas’, Machu Picchu is one of the world’s most iconic landmarks, mainly of the Inca world. Machu Picchu is situated in Peru, above the valley of Urubamba. It has the Urubamba river flowing through it and is northwest of Cuzco, for around 80Kms. The best part about Machu Picchu is that you can go visit it at any time of the year you want. However, even though the rainy season is officially from October to April, it can rain anytime despite it anyway. The crowd is at its peak in Machu Picchu around July and August. Machu Picchu is the perfect place for exploration of ruins of the ancient world and it also provides you with opportunities to learn about the life of the Inca, as you take a walk on the Inca Trail. 

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Seljalandsfoss in Iceland

We all know Iceland is known for its scenic beauty. But Selijalandsfoss has its own place with its absolutely spectacular waterfalls tumbling down rocky scarps and into the deep, vibrant pool of greenery. And there’s also a path for spectators that runs around the waterfall’s back. Access to these falls is available throughout the year, but June-September is preferable to go enjoy its beauty to the fullest. This place is truly nature’s wonderland with its volcanoes, glaziers and mountains. It is possible to trek along the sides of these volcanoes and also the glaziers that are frozen. There’s also a campsite that is secluded available, along the trail of Laughter.

5) Iguazu Falls in Argentina/Brazil

Most Beautiful Landscapes in the World

Most Beautiful Landscapes in the World: Another addition to glorious waterfalls around the world is the Iguassu falls. It is said to be taller than the Niagara falls and much wider than the Victoria Falls. These falls are set near a three-way border between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, in the midst of tropical jungles. Iguassu is truly one of those places that you have to witness with your own eyes to comprehend its beauty to the fullest. Having separate 275 falls, the most impressive falls among them is cataract that is U-shaped know as ‘The Devil’s Throat’. It has almost fourteen falls plunging down more than 350 feet. The falls is at its peak around the months of December, January and February as these are months where it rains the most and the flow of the waterfalls during this time is both highest and most impressive. Along with this, tourists not only get to experience the Buenos Aires sophistication but also colonial Paratay’s cobblestoned streets.  

6) Northern lights 

Northern lights 

It’s undeniable that Northern lights are the stuff dreams are made of. Witnessing it is a whole life experience in itself. Northern lights appear only on dark nights, at high latitudes from September through March. It’s every stargazer’s dream to experience this ethereal phenomenon at least once in their life. The luminous green glow to streaks of pulsating scarlet spread out across the sky like both a poem and a painting, it’s glorious beauty indescribable with words.  In Iceland, the best time to go see Northern lights are the months where the nights are the darkest, from September to around mid-April. 

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Peyto Lake in Canada

Most Beautiful Landscapes in the World: The glacier-fed lake, Peyto is located in the Canadian Rockies. During summertime, huge amounts of these glacial rocks melt and then flow into the late and it is the particles that are suspended that give the lake its famous bright colour of turquoise. It’s best suited for hiking from June through the month of September. Because this is the time when the mountains are all thawed out and turquoise brightness of the lake is at its best. Tourists get to cruise through scenic routes and also explore Whistler, which is the famous resort town. Tourists also get to see grizzly black bears on their Blue River’s float trip and take walks on active glaziers. 

8) Grand Canyon in the USA

Grand Canyon in the USA

Most Beautiful Landscapes in the World: Just the fact that Grand Canyon is certified to be one of the seven natural wonders of the world should be enough to add to your bucket list of places to see. The very depth of Grand Canyon is said to be over a mile and it not only cuts through layers of rock but also through the Colorado River and within this Canyon lies billion years of the geological history of the Earth. From September till November and from March till May is the best time to visit Grand Canyon. The Sunset view in Grand Canyon is absolutely to die for.

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