Which place is called Mini Switzerland in India ?

Mini Switzerland in India

Mini Switzerland in India

Mini Switzerland of India In the modern day world, stress is the factor which makes everything difficult and even survival becomes difficult in this world. People who work, people who are into business, people who are into business, people who are into problems in the surroundings, people who are into problems in the family, every body in this world are affected with the most terrible sickness called stress and depression. When a human is mentally affected, it is impossible to heal it through medicines as such sickness needs a realistic treatment which is outside the world. now what we do for that? if a human hate to travel towards such stress, then he will have to travel towards nature. In this planet, there are too many places to travel.

Mini Switzerland of India

Even of you travel the entire earth through out your lifetime, you might miss few places. In the world made of small circle, the number of places to travel is big. Some people travel to beach, some people travel to hills, some people loves travelling to some getaways, some people loves travelling to outskirts. Some people love travelling to different countries. Especially in India, the people who travel to European countries are very huge in number. But there is a Europe inside India, yes, you heard it right, there is a Europe Inside India. Where is that? In today’s column, let us discuss about the Switzerland of India – Khajjiar

The location:

It is one of the most beautiful lush beauty which is situated in between the stunning Chamba valley. If you ever visit Khajjiar, this is one of the most vital place of your plan to visit. Location of this falls in the north western part of the beautiful State called Himachal Pradesh. It is above the height of 6500 feet. This place will be one of the biggest place to burst stress around the world. This place is filled with some super natural trees of nature and the climate deals with the most beautiful air on earth.  For the couples, who are thriving for a magical honeymoon, your destination is not outside the seven oceans but inside our very won India. This place is one of the most prettiest place not only in India but in the entire universe. We assure that this place will be the most perfect break from the usual World. we also assure your travel experience will have more meaning.

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Top places to visit in Khajjiar:

#1 Kalliope wildlife sanctuary:

Kalliope wildlife sanctuary

When you are tarvelling to place like Khajjiar, you will get a big list of places to visit and planning yourself on right timings will be the most vital process to do in your travelling chart.  One of the top priority to visit should be Kalliope wildlife sanctuary which is blissfully located between the Khajjiar Lake and Dalhousie. Those hikes and nature walks are the factors which makes this place in Khajjiar a must visit place.  You will be able to witness green oak , blue pine and more bunch of treat full sights. There is a vibrant green forest which offers you the experience of your lifetime on earth. You can have a great Jungle safari in the nights to add thrill.

#2 Khajjiar lake:

Khajjiar lake

If you ever want to treat your eyes with a fantastic place, then Khajjiar lake is one among the best in your travel chart. The view of the lake itself will freeze traveler which makes them addicted to this places. From here, you can also gets the beautiful view of mount Kailash which is a dream of every travel loving person in India. This place provide zorbing, para gliding and also horse riding.

#3 Kailash villages:

Kailash villages

If you are travelling top this place, then travelling to these village places should made a mandatory process in your travel chart. Hiking and nature walks and almost 450 kms from Dalhousie. The distance might seem to be very long, but once you reach the place, you will Realize that you have made the right efforts and right worth for travelling so far. This place is perfect for a great romantic tour and also for the beautiful family tour. You will be able to enjoy a mental relaxation which will be needed for the busy schedule of your life.

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#4 Khajji Nag Temple:

Khajji Nag Temple

As there are many places to visit in Khajjiar, you will have a ample of options to visit the places.  This temple is considered as one of the oldest and famous religious places on earth and also considered as the most traditional place to visit. The atmosphere gives you the holy feel and also the most traditional set up around.

#5 Dainkund Peak:

Dainkund Peak

Another place in the Khajjiar which you should not miss in the travel chart. You can also plan along with a best guide of khajjiar to avoid missing places. The sight is considered as the highest peak in the entire Dalhousie. Though the mountain is covered with snows, it can be clearly be seen when the sun shine which overall makes this place a wonderful place to see. This place will be the perfect place to understand the meaning of the nature and also to enjoy the beauty of the nature. If you are visiting this place from September to December, then this place will be one of the greatest place you will ever see in your lifetime in this earth.

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#6 Panchpula:

Mini Switzerland in India

Even though there are many places to visit in Dalhousie, you can blindly choose this one as this is not the place for you to miss once you reach Dalhousie. As this beautiful white waterfall  can swipe you off your feet and it is also affordable place to anyone. Getting awe stuck in this beautiful rainfall will be one among the greatest waterfall in India and it can also be a great stress buster for the people who travel just for the sake of mental relaxation. Each and every travel lover will have to visit this place at least once in their lifetime. It can be used as a perfection for the view of brooks and the falls together. Get ready to escape the reality and witness a fantasy world.

#7 Subhash baoli:

Mini Switzerland in India

This is one of the stunning places to visit and this is the place which have to be in your priority list. The place is not far away from the main city and you will not be able to miss this place at any cost. this is the place you should experience in your lifetime and I thank you for it. the place has been named on the memory of the greatest freedom fighter Subash Chandra bose. 

#8 Golden Devi Temple:

Golden Devi Temple

As there are many places to visit, planning your travel chart wisely is going to be crucial as managing time will be the perfect key for you to enjoy the place to the maximum. We suggest you that you never miss the prestigious Golden Devi Temple from your list as we never want you to miss a blissful experience. One can easily be the observer and get into the mode of fantasy with a atmosphere in the beautiful place. Never miss he golf course in the place and this place is only under 8 kilometer from the city.

#9 Tibetan Handicrafts center:

Tibetan Handicrafts center

Wherever you go for travel, shopping for the local products will be the most joy factor of any travel. So, visiting this excellent shopping centre for the Tibetan Handicrafts center. This place offers you to visit lots of market such as hats, show pieces which will lead you to tourism. If you are looking to buy the Jewels and local clothes, this places offers everything you need for in this day. This is much nearer to so many hotels the travelers stay in which makes visiting this market easier.

Overall this place is a day dream come true for all travel loving people and it will create a dream for the people who haven’t travelled to places in life. this place have the ability to make a day dreamer into addictive personality and a non traveler into a day dreamer. The beauty, the treat to eyes will make us believe in the fantasy stories that our grand parents says us. If any creative people visit this place, this can be the most vital place which will boost their creativity to the enxt level. 

Before you go to this place, have a day in your home to plan a complete travel chart. You can also spend days in researching about places to visit and also a day completely on researching your stay places to avoid any kind of confusions dissatisfaction in the last moment. Once you plan the places to visit and your hotels to stay, then go ahead with your transportation plans and dates and also have plan schedule of visiting places. We promise you a most adorable and heart warming travel of your life. we are sure that this travel is going to change your life as they say moments make you wonderful in life. 

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