Know about the presence of THC in your Bloodstream

Know about the presence of THC in your Bloodstream

The term THC is referred to as tetrahydrocannabinol chemical compound which is responsible for some of the marijuana’s psychological effects. Based on the (NIDA) National Institute on Drug Abuse, it acts as cannabinoid chemicals which are naturally made by the body. The receptors in cannabinoid can concentrate on some of the particular areas of the brain that is been associated with some of the terms such as coordination, thinking, pleasure, time perception, and memory. The THC is made up of a large number of the chemical compound as it is often found out in the resins being secreted in marijuana plant glands. When compared with other areas in a plant, it is located only in the reproductive organ in a plant. Here you can Know about the presence of THC in your Bloodstream.

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THC stays in Bloodstream | Know about the presence of THC in your Bloodstream

The THC in the bloodstream is caused due to smoking; drinking and these symptoms are found in the body and hair. They stay in the bloodstream for about 30 days. In some rare cases, after 30 days of struggle, the marijuana can be detected in the urine. After a long time, it can also be detected in hair. Variation based on Dose:

The Marijuana can be varied based on the dose, the marijuana users can be classified into four types named as one time users, moderate users, frequent users, and heavy users.

For the one time users, it stays only for a short period of time and can be easily detected in bodily fluids. But it takes a long time or several months for detecting in hair. In the moderate users, it occupies for around more than 10 days. And it can be detected in a small time, but when compared with one time users it is difficult to detect. Based on the frequent users, it is about how much the person ingest and smoke regularly it stays around 30 days and it gets detected in a long time after the use. For the heavy users or daily users, the drug occupies for a long time from the day of intake and the detection of cannabis takes place after so many months. i.e. the more time taken is around 90 days to detect the cannabis.

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Detection of THC based on drug Testing | Know about the presence of THC in your Bloodstream

According to the cannabis, it can be easily detected in the drug testing process. The testing can be classified into for types namely,

  • Urine testing
  • Blood testing
  • Saliva testing
  • Hair testing

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Urine testing | Know about the presence of THC in your Bloodstream

The term urine testing is considered the most important testing method for detecting cannabis in the body. Only a small amount of urine is needed for the purpose of a test. This test can be easily renowned for their ability as they are often utilized in hospitals, detox centers, and medical laboratories etc.  The weed can be easily detected in the urine based upon the users. As the cannabis is fat-soluble in water, it helps in a binding of the fat molecules or muscles present in the body. The result can be sometimes positive or negative. The outcome of the urine testing can take some time to leave the system.

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Blood testing | Know about the presence of THC in your Bloodstream

This test can be done in a laboratory or it can indicate marijuana usage. According to the blood testing in the cannabis, this weed can be easily detected in the blood for one or two days as mentioned in the therapeutic drug monitoring. In critical cases, for some persons, it takes around 25 days to get detected and for the frequent users, it can take the number of times for the purpose of detection. On the inhalation process, the weed present in the bloodstream can easily detect in a short interval of time as it gets distributed to all other parts of the body. These cannabis metabolites can stay in the blood only for a day.

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Saliva testing | Know about the presence of THC in your Bloodstream

Based on administration the marijuana is considered as legal, as that the oral fluid can be utilized for the purpose of testing in roadside. On a review in the year 2014, the cannabis is an oral fluid, such that the weed can be detected in the form of saliva which is being secreted from the mouth. Based on the users named as the occasional users and chronic users, it gets detect from the usage of time. For the occasional users, it is detected through the saliva testing within one or two days and for chronic users, it takes more time such as 1 or 29 days to get detected completely. The term marijuana can easily enter into the saliva in the form of smoke and when the person is smoking, it can enter into other person mouths through the respiration process. The chemical compound metabolites can be present only in the form of saliva which is been secreted in the mouth as the weed is ingested or get smoked.

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Hair testing | Know about the presence of THC in your Bloodstream

It is considered to be a very tough test because its detection takes around 90 days for a normal person. The hair follicle can intake the drugs as the chemical marijuana enters into the hair with the help of the blood vessels present in the body. The amount of the trace can remain in the hair. Generally, the growth of the hair can be measured accurately 0.5 inches for every month in an individual, but in marijuana users, the growth of the hair can be varied from 1.5 inches of the hair and it takes a long time to grow. For the past three or months, the growth of hair can be noted for the marijuana users.

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Nowadays the effect of Cannabis is increasing day by day. When the cannabis enters into your system, it takes some time and travels to all parts of the body. In order to overcome this, a regular exercise, intake of healthy foods which are rich in proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and stay hydrated. And there is the wide number of solutions regarding the weed detox and the kits available on the website. Some people may intake a lot of water in order to dilute the cannabis in the form of urine and use some herbal supplements to fight against cannabis and lead a healthy life.

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