Karva Chauth Story – Why Is It Celebrated?

Karva Chauth Story - Why Is It Celebrated?

Around the year, we go through a number of auspicious days and occasion which celebrates almost every relations and bonding in the Indian culture. While we have Rakshabandhan to celebrate the love and bonding of Brothers and sisters, there is a special day called “ Karwa Chauth” which symbolizes the warmth and strength of the famous connection of a Husband and Wife. Let us know Karva Chauth Story – Why Is It Celebrated?

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Moreover, the meaning of “ Karwa” here would be the earthen pot which you can get from any nearby marketplace, and the “Chauth” would denote the fourth day of the Krishna paksha of the famous Kartik month when it is celebrated across every part of the country. All the women wake up early in the morning before the dawn and after they fed themselves with the Sargi (food prepared for them by their mother in law), they went on to spend the whole day without having any food or water. Moreover, they perform Pooja in the evening along with the women in the neighborhood while ending their fast in the night after worshipping to the Moon-god and praying for the Longevity and happiness of their husbands.

Karwa Chauth Puja Samagri 

While we talked about its celebrations, let’s have a look at the story and history behind the auspicious occasion.

Behind Karwa Chauth | Karva Chauth Story – Why Is It Celebrated?

Karva Chauth Story - Why Is It Celebrated?Image Source

While every festival or auspicious day in India comes along with some kind of story or Mythological facts about them, even Karwa Chauth is in lieu of the same. Moreover, the day carries along a number of famous stories which can be mentioned as the following.

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Tale of Queen Veervati | Karva Chauth Story – Why Is It Celebrated?

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The Famous tale of queen Veervati is something which is being listened to on the day of Karwa Chauth itself by almost every woman around India. The Story goes along with the life of a girl named Veervati who was very beautiful and the only sister to his seven brothers. She further went on to marry a king and got famous as Queen Veervati everywhere.White Kundan Pearl Necklace Set With Earrings For Women

Just like every other woman around, she also kept fats for the prosperity and Longevity of her Husband and although she experienced a lot of weakness and low energy levels in the process, she went along with the same. It was only after few hours when she was expecting severe fatigue and weakness and her body was desperately craving for some food and water. As she was at her parent’s place, her brothers noticed that situation and they couldn’t withstand the wait by their sisters for the Moon in order to break her fast.

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Her brothers deluded her by showing her a fake reflection of Moon coming from behind the Pipel tree and she unknowingly broke her fast after offering her prayers and rituals to the Moon god. Right at that point in time, she received the news that her husband has died and this left her in a shocking stage altogether.

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Moreover, she rushed on to see her husband and got confronted by Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati on her way to his Husband’s place. She has been told by them that her husband has died because of her breaking her fast by seeing a false moon and not the right way. Veervati pleaded to them saying she did this all without any knowledge about the same and luckily, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati made her Husband comes to life once again.

That was the day when she decided to keep the fast all along the day with discipline and following all the rituals in the process.

The story of Draupadi and Pandavas | Karva Chauth Story – Why Is It Celebrated?  

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In the famous tale of the Mahabharata, when Arjuna brought Draupadi home after getting married to her, she has been told by his mother from inside “ to distribute whatever he has brought, equally amongst his brothers” (as the Pandavas were living in an Exile and were living their lives by begging around for food and other stuff). Her mother got shocked after seeing Draupadi along with Arjuna and although Draupadi accommodated herself well by living up to the words of her mother in law, Arjuna felt guilty and went towards the Nilgiri mountains to seek self-punishment for making Draupadi pay for the situation.

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It was when the Brothers of Arjuna came through a lot of troubles in Arjuna’s absence and while Draupadi couldn’t withstand the situation, she asked Lord Krishna to tell her about a solution for the same problem. Thats where Lord Krishna told him about a story of Karwa Chauth where Goddess Parvati also stayed on fast after been guided by Lord Shiva to seek a  solution for some issues.

Draupadi went by the words of Lord Krishna and kept fast for the whole day along with all the rituals and discipline and luckily, everything got sorted out for the Pandavas in due time as an impact of the Fast and Prayers by Draupadi.

Famous tale of Karva | Karva Chauth Story – Why Is It Celebrated? 

Karva Chauth Story - Why Is It Celebrated?Image Source

Another famous tale of Karwa Chauth takes us to thousand years back when a woman was said to be living her life along with her husband quite well. it was one fine day when she was bathing along with her husband when she spotted a Karva (means Crocodile in Sanskrit) nearby the River. She got scared when she saw the same crocodile coming near to her husband.India Get Shopping Stainless Steel Handcrafted Meenakari Work Pooja Thali 

She suddenly felt the power of love for her husband and went on to bind the Crocodile with the cotton yarn in order to save her husband in the process. She then prayed the God of Death Yamaraja to send the Crocodile into the hell as a punishment for its attempt to kill her husband.

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Eventually, Yamaraj refused for the same and in return, the lady threatened the Yamaraaj that if he won’t send the Crocodile in the hell, she will destroy him with a curse and ultimately, the Yamaraj got to go by her words. Ever since then, Karwa Chauth is been celebrated by every wife around the world in the Hindu community to ensure the long life and prosperity of their husband.

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