India’s Best Street Food Recipes | Delicious Street Food Recipes

Best Street Food Recipes

#1 Kathi Rolls

India’s Best Street Food Recipes: Kathi rolls originated from the streets of Kolkata. In native Bengali, the word Kati means “stick”, from which the dish derived its name. This Indian style wrap made with skewer roasted kebabs, some green chutney rolled in Indian style flat bread also called paratha is one such street food that Kolkata thrives on. The crispiness from flaky parathas and spicy filling inside makes a great combination and is loved by all. The kathi roll is said to have begun its life in the Nizam Restaurant in Kolkata, a popular eatery established in 1932.

Best Street Food Recipes

There are numerous tales about how the roll began. Some propose that rushed office commuters needed something fast and convenient to eat, some say British babus who were too finicky to touch the kabab. Though the original recipe includes meaty filling, over the years these have become so popular that it is now widely available in many varieties like veggies, paneer, eggs, etc., throughout India.  

#2 Daulat Ki Chaat

Daulat Ki Chaat

Daulat ki chaat is one such street food, which is available only during the chilling months of winter and quite famous in North India. Known by different names in different cities, such as daulat ki chaat in Delhi, malayo in Varanasi, nimish in Lucknow, and malai makhan in Kanpur, but it’s actually a dessert that’s melt-in-your-mouth and can warm-up-you-heart. This fine, delicate frothy dessert is one such savory items that one cannot forget for life. The special chaat uses milk as the main ingredient. It is kept overnight in the open to soak in the dew. Its creamy and frothy texture is attained by whisking sweetened milk for hours. This sweetened milk mix is then blended with khoya and chenna, cardamom and saffron for flavors. The mixture is then cooled for hours. The garnishing of the dish with generous amount of malai, khoya, pistachio on top gives this delight a subtle sweet taste.

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Chhole Bhature

Originated in Punjab, Chhole Bhature is a street food very popular in North India. The combination of piping hot bhaturas, fried bread made from maida and mouthwatering green peas curry cooked in traditional Punjabi spices along with onions, pickle, and green chutney is like every foodie’s dream come true. Chhole bhature is often eaten as a breakfast dish, sometimes accompanied with lassi is a complete meal in itself. The quintessential North Indian dish is not only a staple breakfast in majority of Punjabi households but also relished by people almost everywhere in India. But if you wish to explore the real taste of Punjab you must take a trip through the streets of Amritsar and treat yourself with a plate of this lip smacking dish.

 #4 Pani Puri

Pani Puri

Indians are in absolute love with spicy and tangy savories. One such street food is Pani Puri that no one can resist. Pani Puri’s name varies depending on the region. In Uttar Pradesh it’s is known as Golgappe, while in Bengal and Nepal, Phuchka; in parts of Gujarat, pakodi; and in parts of Odisha, Bihar, Jharkhand, and Chhattisgarh, it’s popularly known as Gup-chup. Whatever the name is, but nothing can beat the joy of munching these scrumptious little bombs.  The chickpea-potato stuffed crispy atta or sooji puris, served with spicy and tangy water, prepared with the goodness of mint, tamarind along with cumin is something loved by all chaat lovers and the best Pani Puri are the ones served on the roadside hand carts

 #5 Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji first originated in the 1850s as a fast lunchtime dish for textile mill workers in Mumbai. Due to its lip smacking taste, it soon became a delicacy served at restaurants throughout the country. The dish is now so common that it is widely available at outlets from simple hand carts to formal restaurants in India and even beyond. It has many variations in ingredients and garnishes but the standard recipe is a spiced smoothed mixture of mashed vegetables, mostly potatoes and chick peas in thick, buttery gravy, cooked on a flat tava and served hot with a lightly roasted butter-oozing pav- pav bhaji is one such street food which is loved by locals as well as the tourists. The perfect blend of veggies along with aromatic, flavorful spices is what makes this delight stand out from the rest. The generous toppings of butter, coriander, onion and lemon slices that are served along, add a nice refreshing flavour to the entire dish. Add a dash of lemon juice on the bhaji and your taste buds are going to thank you for that!

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#6 Aloo Tikki/Aloo Chaat

Best Street Food Recipes

If you are a potato lover, this one is sure to catch attention.  When it comes to street food, the flavorful aloo tikki and aloo chaat certainly tops the charts. These two amazing street-food snacks are cherished by people across the country and have endless variations as well. Bite-sized pieces of potatoes tossed in a combination of tamarind and coriander and mint chutney helped with generous amount of yogurt, namkeen and pomegranate seeds taste immensely good. While aloo tikki tastes the best when loaded with a filling of moong dal along with a mix of Indian spices, another occasional chaat is that of shakarkandi (sweet potato), which is available only during the winter. Prepared by tossing the bite-sized pieces of shakarkandi in a fiery masala blend, this spicy and winter street food will just make you crave for more.

#7 Momos


There is no denial that momos are one of the best Indian street foods.  A migratory food, however, these little dumplings have their origin from Tibet and Nepal. A fiery roadside delicacy, this is one food item that has risen from roadside stalls to fast food joints and restaurants in all complexes and malls. This street snack needs no introduction and Cherished by people of all age groups. Momos are delightful, yet in addition very simple on the pocket also. Stuffed with an assortment of fillings, momos taste the best when matched with fiery red sauce/chutney. Apart from the cities and urban areas, you are most likely to find these road side snacks while heading out to hill stations. If you wish to savor these authentic steamed dumplings, then the beautiful north eastern states of India can offer you an extraordinary spread. Fiery hot red sauce and steaming hot dumplings stuffed with veggies or chicken is something that we just can’t avoid while walking past the stalls on street.

#8 Vada Pav

Vada Pav

It is the Indian form of burger and most popular street food straight from the heart of Maharashtra. The most widely recognized theory of the vada pav’s origin is that it was created in the erstwhile mill-heartland of Central Mumbai. The carb-rich snack served the factory laborers of what was then known as Girangaon. The blend of the mashed potato fritters (batata vada) put inside a soft white bun called pav quickly became popular in Girangaon and later in the other parts of Maharashtra. Vada Pav is the most adored and extreme staple food professed to be a part of the way of life of Marathis. Batata vada perfectly put between buns with fiery gun powder and chutney is the mystery of the amazing taste of this Indian burger. One of the oldest stands selling vada pav is said to be Khidki Vada Pav situated in Kalyan. It was begun in the late 1960s by the Vaze family, who used to pass out vada pav from a window of their home.

#9 Dosa

Best Street Food Recipes

Dosa is one of the popular dishes in south India. These delicious Indian style crepes are sold in almost every next stall on street and also easy on the pocket. Dosa is also a staple food in South Indian. The taste of this thin crispy snack prepared from fermented rice batter with stuffing of potatoes, accompanied with sambar and wide variety of chutneys is a taste for a lifetime. Due to its popularity in India and abroad, one can find a variety of versions as well such as cheese dosa, egg dosa, chocolate dosa, jinni dosa and so on. Dosa is consumed both ways as a snack as well as a full meal. A stamped favorite food of all South Indians; this is one item you just can’t afford to miss while touring South India. 

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#10 Kachori


Kachori is another popular street food from North India. Made from refined flour, maida, the deep fried Kachoris come with wide variety of fillings like onion, potato, dry fruits, khoya, peas, dal and the list is endless. At some places these are served with hot and spicy potato curry while others prefer it with spicy mint or tamarind chutneys. The most popular ones are Bikaneri kachori from Rajasthan, Khasta Kachori or Raj Kachori’ from Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Kochuri and Club Kachoris from West Bengal. There are also sweet versions of these kachoris that make interesting desserts. Made with gram flour, dates, cardamom these date kachoris are served with cranberry sheera and topped with strawberry syrup for the taste.

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