Indian Institute of Management Noida Campus

Indian Institute of Management Noida Campus

The Indian Institute of Management Noida campus, Lucknow is the prestigious family of management schools which is established in India after IIM Calcutta, IIM Ahmadabad, and IIM Bangalore. The IIM was initiated by the first Prime Minister of India –Jawaharlal Nehru in the year 1984.

The Noida IIM campus has a full time dedicated a pool of faculty and it has an on-campus residence for both faculty and the students. This campus is developed as a center of excellence. IIM is the way of contributing to the industry and it makes to realize the management thinking and education.

The IIML has reached a million lives directly or indirectly with the support of their faculty, alumni and other staffs. IIML has molded their students into great leaders, managers, and global players.

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They undertake a wide range of academic activities with the goal of creation, spreading and application of management knowledge and practice.

The IIM Lucknow Noida Campus is situated in a city which is especially known for its heritage. This campus is spread over 190 acres of amazing landscaped area.

IIML insists the human values and professional ethics in the students make them as a positive impact on both national and on a global platform. This IIM is an ideal setup for learning, accessibility, and excellence.

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The specialty of Noida campus | Indian Institute of Management Noida Campus

Noida campus offers a unique advantage in particular fields like teaching, research and in executive education. This campus has a wonderful architecture equipped with the teaching infrastructure, laboratories.

This campus is built in such a way to intellectually stimulate, vibrant and exciting the students of IIM.

The International Programme in Management for Executives (IPMX) is a one-year full-time residential programme which provides management lessons to professionals with the latest tools and strategic management techniques.

Other programmes at this campus are the three years Part Time Working Managers Programme, Executive Doctoral programme and the Post Graduate Programme in Business Sustainability.

WMP programme | Indian Institute of Management Noida Campus

IIM Lucknow, Noida campus offers a two-year Post-Graduate Programme called Working Manager’s Programme (WMP) for working executives.

They were designed especially for working executive, professionals and entrepreneurs, who wants to improve their management skills and knowledge through formal management education while continuing their work in full time in their current business.

This programme develops analytical and innovative skills in enhancing the efficiency of a business system. You can acquire a state of art skills in the functional areas of management. This describes the meaning of socio-economic and technological environment of modern societies and their values.

The alumni of WMP are leading their business with distinction Worldwide and playing the dominating roles in their organization. When you successfully complete this WMP course, you can obtain the Post-graduate Diploma in Management for Working Executives.

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AMBA accreditation for IIML | Indian Institute of Management Noida Campus

The Association of MBA has given the accreditation to the Institute of PGPM, IPMX, and WMP programmes. Accreditation has been provided for five years without any condition. With this AMBA accreditation, IIML joins the group of 187 business schools across 70 countries.

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Executive Programs in Business Management at IIM Lucknow | Indian Institute of Management Noida Campus

The objective of these executive programs is to develop managerial capabilities among young and middle-level workers. It also enhances the interpersonal and communicational skills that are necessary for higher level managerial responsibilities.

The main focus of this course is functional management skills, strategic planning, and execution skills to develop the decision-making capabilities of the candidates.

The working professional who wishes to groom their managerial skills can attend this program. When a candidate is in the early phase of their career to prepare for higher level and leadership roles in their organization can also undertake this program.

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PGP programme | Indian Institute of Management Noida Campus

The Post Graduate Programme is established to develop the professional managers with the conceptual fundamentals and skills required to manage the business. PGP is a two-year full-time residential programme provided at the Noida campus.

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FPM programme | Indian Institute of Management Noida Campus

The Fellow Program Management is a doctoral level program of the Indian Institute of Management Lucknow in 2000-2001. This program offers a unique opportunity to the candidate who wants to research talents and develop teaching skills.

This program is ideal for producing high-quality researchers, management by providing an opportunity for education and research management.

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Mission | Indian Institute of Management Noida Campus

The mission of IIM Noida campus is to enhance the management systems with regarding business, industry and public services through excellent management education, research, and training.

Vision | Indian Institute of Management Noida Campus

The vision of IIM is to be outstanding in the center of excellence and to convey the knowledge in management and provide social conscious through leadership globally.

Thus, these are about the Indian Institute of Management Noida Campus, Lucknow. These are some of the programs offered by the IIML for the people who want to excel in the management side. You may choose the courses based on your need and comfort.

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