HP Envy 5660 – Know Reviews For All in One Printer

Overview of HP Envy 5660

In this recent era, almost every people are using personal computers in their home or business. In some situations, you have to take the copy or print of an image or document for your use. When you don’t have the printer you tend to move towards the printing center for getting this work done. In order to reduce this risk and save time as well as the money, you can buy a perfect printer that suits your need. HP Envy 5660 – Know Reviews For All in One Printer.

As there are a number of printer brands and models available in the market it will be difficult to choose the right one. Nowadays, reviews are giving hands to take a better decision while looking for any product. Among a number of brands, HP is leading all other brands because of its multi-functional feature. In this article, you can know about the reviews of advanced printer model called HP Envy 5660.

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Review of HP Envy 5660

Overview of HP Envy 5660 | HP Envy 5660 – Know Reviews For All in One Printer

HP is a famous brand for a number of electronic gadgets and one among them is a printer. The HP Envy 5660 is an all in one wireless inkjet printing device that has the ability to perform various functions.

HP Envy 5660 is mainly used for taking the copies, prints and scans some files from Smartphone and tablets. With the special automatic duplexing feature can save the usage of paper by taking prints on both sides. You don’t need any LAN port or connections for carrying out these tasks as it is a wireless printer.

The advanced HP envy 5660 enables you to print through the cloud and can connect directly with mobile devices. It also helps the users to print the contents from a various webpage without the help of computers.

The HP Envy 5660 is the right option for light-duty works in home or office. You can also make use it for dual purpose in home and home-office printer. Hence it is recognized as one of the best printers for small office works.

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Features of HP Envy 5660 | HP Envy 5660 – Know Reviews For All in One Printer

Design – The HP Envy 5660 is designed with the touch screen of 2.65” and the dimension of about 16x17x6-15 lbs. this device weighs about 15 pounds and so it is easy to portable. The HP printer is cost-effective and worth the money for home users.

Functional features -The main function of this HP envy 5660 printer is printing, scanning, copying, web photos with its wireless feature.

Wireless connection – The HP Envy 5660 has the e-feature so it acts as all in one printer that can connect with your Pc to a local area network and the internet.

Compatibility -You can use the access point of this device and make the prints from Android phone, iOS, Google, Kindle device and Windows. This device is more compatible with windows 10.

Printing Feature– This printer can provide you with a high-quality image and document printing. You can get either of black, white or color prints based on your requirement. This HP Envy 5660 has the automatic two-sided printing feature and so you can save the resources.

Paper handling-The photo tray of this printer can handle up to 15 sheets of photo paper. Also, this tray allows you to take the print of 4×6 inch photos with bright color and you don’t need to change the papers for it.  

The light-duty cycle feature of this device can handle 125 sheets at a time. You can insert various paper types like a letter, legal, No.10 envelopes, 4×6 in, 5×7 in, 8×10 in.

Cartridge Feature – The HP envy 5660 needs only two ink cartridges such as tri-color and black. The specialty of this printer is that can produce the prints even when there is no ink of one or two colors. Make use of the original cartridge of HP to get the quality up to 2x and the HP 62 ink is the most recommended one.

Output Quality– The output quality of HP Envy 5660 is very fine for taking the prints for home use and small enterprises. You can print the borderless photos to the edge of the paper and it delivers you the prints without trimming it.

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Storage Feature – For getting the storage capacity this device has the memory card capability with the standard of 128MB DDR3 Memory.

Other Feature– The HP Envy 5660 comes with one year warranty and you can also get the customer support from the company in 27×7 basis.

Package Box– In HP Envy 5660 package it contains HP Envy 5660 All-in-one device, HP 62 Ink Cartridge of Black and Tri-colour, CD with Software & Setup instructions and a power cord.

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Setup process of HP Envy 5660 | HP Envy 5660 – Know Reviews For All in One Printer

As said before, the HP Envy 5660 is a portable device and so it can be placed anywhere even in small space. The setup process is very easy so you don’t need any experts to install this device instead you can do it yourself.

Merely, you have to unbox the HP envy 5660 printer package with care. Then set up the Wi-Fi connection and direct it to other features of the printer. In the next process, you have to download and install the advanced driver and software.

For better guidance you can make use of the HP online apps for initial setup otherwise use the installation CD that comes with the device. You can utilize the printer support site for easy download and install the drivers.

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Maintenance | HP Envy 5660 – Know Reviews For All in One Printer

The HP Envy 5660 is easy to maintain because of its compact size. Just you have to keep it safe in a place and carry out the tasks finely. You can clean the machine with a soft cloth and remove the dust that is accumulated on it.

Have a focus on the cartridges for lack of inks to obtain high-quality images. It is easy to change the cartridges; simply lift the lid as well as the glass plate of the printer, remove the old cartridge and place the new one into it.

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Thus, these are the main reviews about HP Envy 5660 printer. You can analyze these reviews and you can purchase it in an affordable manner from a well-reputed service provider.

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