How to Crack the ICET Exam?

ICET Entrance Exam

Integrated Common Entrance Test (ICET) is a state level entrance examination. The candidate who decides to study MBA and MCA has to qualify in the ICET examination. The ICET exam is followed in two states namely Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Here we give you some tips to How to Crack the ICET Exam?

ICET Entrance Exam | How to Crack the ICET Exam?

In Andhra, ICET is named as Andhra Pradesh Integrated Common Entrance Test (AP ICET) which was held at the Andhra University, Visakhapatnam. AP ICET is the gateway to the various Universities and affiliated colleges in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Telangana State Integrated Common Entrance Test (TS ICET) is an examination conducted by Kakatiya University. To get admitted into MBA and MCA courses of all universities and affiliated colleges of Telangana state.

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Who can undergo ICET exam? | How to Crack the ICET Exam?

The candidates (OC category) who secured 50 percent aggregate mark are eligible for the counseling stage. Other candidates belonging to SC/ST categories have to secure at least 45 percent aggregate in degree are eligible for the counseling procedure.

The ICET syllabus contains the topic of all the subjects which will be asked in the examination for the MBA and MCA programme.

ICET exam is an online computer based test. There are 200 questions in the paper with a total duration of 150 minutes. They are all multiple choice questions with four options and each question carries one mark. There are no any negative marks in the exam.

The three sections of the ICET syllabus are

  • Analytical ability
  • Mathematical ability
  • Communication ability

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Preparing for an Analytical ability

This section includes two topics such as data sufficiency and problem-solving.

Data sufficiency | How to Crack the ICET Exam?

You need clear basic mathematical concept knowledge to attend this section. This helps a lot to solve these questions.

Read the question properly and don’t assume the answers

Try to solve the question with the first statement and then go for the second. Apply both of them to get the answer.

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Problem-solving | How to Crack the ICET Exam?

To practice sequence and series practice as many questions as possible. In this section, the questions are asked as the combination of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It also includes squares, cubes, reverse patterns etc.

If four names are given in the odd one out, try to find a similar pattern and eliminate them.

In coding and decoding problems, save time by learning the number of each alphabet orally instead of writing the number of an alphabet in the exam.

In data analysis, you have to answer the questions based on simple tables and pie charts.

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Preparing for the Mathematical ability | How to Crack the ICET Exam?

Choose a topic and learn it daily. If you already know the topic then practice the questions

Write down the formulas on a paper to revise it often

Learn the theory and the concept of the problem. Don’t focus only on tricks and short methods.

Try to cover every topic from the syllabus, as it contains 75 questions in this section.

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Preparing for Communication Ability

Vocabulary | How to Crack the ICET Exam?

You must be strong in vocabulary as this section has direct word meaning and fill in the blanks questions. To score high marks in this section read more and write new words daily, learn them and try to use them in your daily conversation.

Functional grammar | How to Crack the ICET Exam?

You should have sound knowledge in tenses, parts of speech, verbs, preposition, and conjunction. Also, revise the rules of active and passive voice.  Continuous learning allows you to score well in this section.

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Reading comprehension | How to Crack the ICET Exam?

This section is easy to attempt an exam as it is not so long to read. In the reading part, try to note the time to read the whole passage and reduce that time. Trough this way you can consume the time.

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Computer and Business Terminology | How to Crack the ICET Exam?

This section includes the basic terminologies to be answered. So take 10th and 11th standard book and read the basic introduction to computers. Give focus to abbreviation and terminology.

You can easily answer the business section if you read the business section of the newspaper daily. Also, you should read articles online from e-papers, magazines, business real estate, and visit websites to know the common terminologies that are used in business and computers.

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Logical ability | How to Crack the ICET Exam?

While solving a problem don’t just solve it instead try to analyze it for a few minutes by asking questions such as why, What, When, Where and How.

Candidates may also join coaching classes to practice regularly. This helps them to solve the queries when they might have about a specific topic.

General knowledge | How to Crack the ICET Exam?

Keep the habit of watching educational channels to boost your general knowledge. You should have a thorough knowledge of information like capitals, countries, currencies, innovations, and discoveries in science.

If you follow these simple tips, surely you can clear the ICET examination and can get the MBA or MCA admission in your desired college.

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