How to become an All-rounder in Cricket?

How to become an All-rounder in Cricket?

An all-rounder performs well at both batting and bowling. Generally, cricket players are skilled in any one of the two disciplines but the all-rounder is experts at both. He has a great value in their team due to his potential in batting or bowling.

Every team wants an individual player to contribute in more than one facet of the game. All-rounder provides the necessary balance that every team wants and needs in all three forms of the game. They can inspire the team and other emerging cricketers throughout the world. Read this article to understand How to become an All-rounder in Cricket?

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Improve your Overall Fitness | How to become an All-rounder in Cricket?

Everyday workout and exercise are essential to becoming an all-rounder in cricket in order to stay healthy and stronger. It is recommended to do exercise in a gym or with personal trainer guidance as self-exercise may lead to severe injuries. If you are already at a cricket team, you can work under coach’s guidance.

You must do an integral workout along with working on each part of your body. For an instance, you can use the dumbbells to improve your muscles on the chest and arms. Also, perform squats to build your leg muscles. It is better to have broad shoulders which help you to generate a large amount of pace.

Before you start to exercise, it is just to warm up your body and stretch afterward in order to protect you from injuries and strains. How harder you hit and faster you can bowl, you may last longer on the game. You should work out well on your fitness through interval training, SAQ training, and body weight exercises.

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Practice Batting | How to become an All-rounder in Cricket?

If you have a great aim of becoming an all-rounder at cricket, you must increase your ability to bat for a long time. You can reach the top batting performance when you work on your front and back foot defensive play. You should able to make a leg spin as it is very hard to hit the ball for the batsman. This can be avoided by strengthening your defensive game and by dropping the ball in front of you on the off and on side of the space.

You can also get tips and assistance from your coach and other professional players to make yourself a better batting player in cricket.

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Practice Bowling | How to become an All-rounder in Cricket?

If you are expert in batting, you have the greater chance to become an all-rounder. Try to follow the swinging or cutting the ball technique to master in the faster bowling. This is a most effective technique for a bowler.

A bowler should have the capacity to study a batsman which plays a vital role in bowling. If you can understand the mentality of the batsman, you are on the way to become an all-rounder and you are already won half of the game.

Fast bowlers should possess high stamina, so run a long distance to handle bowling on many over. This helps you to maintain a quick run-up while playing on the ground.

A bowler must have both physical and mental strength to play well on the pitch.  You should never lose your mind and might make some trick to defeat the opponent. Dismiss of three consecutive batsmen or give many boundaries will bring different mood changes. But the best bowler should be calm and observant to the play.

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Keep Practicing | How to become an All-rounder in Cricket?

A budding cricketer must have continuous practicing because only the talent cannot lead him to become an all-rounder player. You must able to team up with the extreme dedication and hard work.

Before you focus on line and length, you must work on speed. It is not necessary to bowl fastly but you can improve the speed until you feel comfortable with the pace of bowling.

After speed, you must focus on line and length of the pitch. Note your line where you are bowling is generally on middle stump to off stump. Avoid the practice of bowling down the leg side as it will lead to hitting or wide ball. You should not bowl too short or too full which allows the ball to hit away for boundaries.

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Every day, you must spend more time to practice more than anyone else. This helps you to become an all-rounder in cricket. It is a good habit to practice 5 to 6 times a week and take a day rest. The most essential thing in practice is that you should mainly focus on your goal.

You must have clear understandings of situations, creative and attacking approach that will help you to get more runs and wickets.

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Appreciating the Game | How to become an All-rounder in Cricket?

An all-rounder is the main player in the team, so you must be always a motivating person. This even helps to build your stamina when you feel tired. Whenever you bowl, try to give you the best with fast in the right areas.

Some other tips to become an all-rounder

  • Have the practice of exercising every day to stay strong and be ready to bat as well as the bowl.
  • Keep the ball in the stump lines that makes the opponent to get dismissed while bowling
  • You must try to make the batsman to play through offside where there is a chance to get an edge
  • Try to avoid bowling for a long time as your shoulder arm and back will become tired. If you are a practicing player you should have 2 days week off.
  • Besides these tips, also be conscious of your food. Include the protein-rich item like milk and eggs in your meal. When you take the protein products before you go for a play, it increases your efficiency to bowl for a longer period of time without running out of energy.

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Thus, these are the best ways to follow in order to become an all-rounder in cricket. Cricket is a mental game than a physical one; hence practice you to get the right attitude.

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