How to Celebrate Dhanteras?

How to celebrate Bhai dooj and importance of bhai dooj

The Atmosphere around has become Festive and while most of us are eagerly waiting for Diwali to come over, its time to get our preparations and celebrations plan set for the auspicious occasion. Moreover, Diwali is a five-day celebrations and while the main festival falls on the third day of the lot, the first day marks the arrival of Dhanteras. Blessings of Mother Laxmi come home with everything you purchased on this day Let’s have a look how to Celebrate Dhanteras And Importance of Dhanteras.

History behind Dhanteras | How to Celebrate Dhanteras?

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Dhanteras also means worshipping of wealth or “ Mother Laxmi” on this auspicious occasion.According to the Hindu calendar, the day falls on the 13th day of the Krishna Paksha in the Ashwin month. The day is being called as the day to purchase precious thing and it is been said that the blessings of Mother Laxmi come home along with everything you purchased on this day. It is also bee widely famous as the birthday of the Lord Dhanwantri who is been denoted as the god of new advancements and innovations in the field of Medical Sciences.

On the day of Dhanteras, People are supposed to perform Lakshmi puja during the predefined  “subh muhurta “as per the Hindu calendar. Moreover, on several places, people also worship seven main bowls of cereal namely wheat, gram, barley, Urad, Moong, Masoor as a part of their respect and thanks to God for fulfilling their basic needs. Flowers and sweets are further been offered to the Mother Laxmi and it been known that Prosperity and happiness will come home afterward by the blessing of Mother Laxmi.

Importance of Dhan Teras | How to Celebrate Dhanteras?

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Dhanteras further play a great role in the lives of people across the country.  It is said to be bringing Health, happiness, wealth, prosperity, wisdom and Good fate to everyone around. This is the reason why everyone starts cleaning their houses before the commencement of the Diwali festival and the reason behind the same is to eliminate and remove all the bad omens and negative vibes from the place.

They first take a bath and wear new clothes in the process to purify their mind, body, and soul away from all the negative energies and bad vibes and perform the Pooja of Mother Laxmi afterward.

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Famous stories behind Dhanteras | How to Celebrate Dhanteras?

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Dhanteras carries a very famous story of a 16 years old son of the King Hima in ancient India. It has been predicted by many saints that he will die on the 4th day of his marriage. That’s when his wife played cleverly and didn’t let his husband sleep on the same day. To get the same done, he put loads of Gold coins, ornaments, necklaces, and bangles along with the Lamp lights all along its way till the doorway and recited some famous stories to his husband in her quest to keep him awake.

It’s been further claimed that the God of death Yama, arrived in a form of Serpent to the same place nut his eyes started glittering due to the lamp lights and the shine off the jewelry on the Doorway. He was finding it hard to enter the room and thus tried to crossover while climbing that big heap of Gold in the process but once he gets to listen to the songs recited by the Prince’s wife, he sat there for the whole night and once it came down to the morning, he went away without taking her husband . How to Celebrate Dhanteras And Importance of Dhanteras

Moreover, there is another story in the background of Dhanteras which is believed to be the reason for its celebration. It was being said that when the Ocean was churned by Gods and demons in their quest to gain the nectar or the Amrita, Dhanvantari (termed as a physician of Gods and an incarnation of Lord Vishnu) came out of the Ocean churning with a big jar of Elixir. Dhanteras is believed to be celebrated in the remembrance of the same day.

How to celebrate Dhanteras? | How to Celebrate Dhanteras?

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While most of the people have their own ways to celebrate Dhanteras around Indian territory, they generally get their houses cleaned and whitewashed and get them decorated by making Rangolis, lighting Diyas and doing a lot of other stuff to welcome Mother Laxmi to their home. Moreover, they also use readymade Mother Laxmi footprints Stickers o be used at the entrance of their home in order to make Mother Laxmi happy and bless them with Health, wealth and Prosperity.

After the sun gets set, people start their preparations for the Pooja and Aarti of the Mother Laxmi and offer Dhoops, Incense sticks, Sweets, Flowers, Gold and silver coins along with Lights and Diyaas.

They then start the Pooja by chanting various mantras, bhakti songs, and Aarti in the respect of Mother Laxmi and Lord Ganesha and seek their blessings for the health wealth and prosperity of their family and its members. People also buy precious things like Gold and silver coins, utensils, Home appliances, Automobiles, Gadgets, and other stuff and it’s been believed that the same will be coming home along with the blessings of Mother Laxmi on the auspicious occasion of Dhanteras.

Dhanteras Pooja Vidhi | How to Celebrate Dhanteras ?

  • Clean the spot where the Pooja is going to be performed and create a swastika or rangoli there.
  • Place an earthen lamp with four wicks in it( for the Swastika)
  • Place a cowry shell with a hole into the Diya and light it up to show your gratitude to the lord of death Yamaraja and also to pay tribute to your ancestors.
  • Perform the Dhanavantri pooja by reciting the Dhanavantri mantra 108 times
  • Once the Dhanavantri pooja is concluded, it’s time now to start with the Pooja of Mother Laxmi and Lord Ganesha( Shubha and labha i.e Good omen and profits)
  • Offer Dhoop, sweets and flowers to Both Mother laxmi and Lord Ganesha while chanitng various mantras and bhakti songs.
  • While using a copper vessel, sprinkle some Gangajal or the holy water around the diya with the four wicks thrice and offer sweets and flowers to each of the four wicks of the Diya.
  • Your are now required to put a one rupee coin on to the Diya and offer flowers while doing a roundabout for four times to pay your gratitude to the four wicks and then kneel down to pray
  • The Eldest women of the family is now required to put tika on the forehead of rest of the members and the make member has to light up a diya and place it in the right-hand side of the entrance with its face in the southern direction.

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