Haridwar The Gateway To God

Haridwar, literally  is one of the Hindu holy places in India

Haridwar If you get a chance to visit a place which makes you feel the presence of God and moreover to travel to a place seen never before. In this 21st century world when one cannot find oneself, In these times of Hypocrisy, crime and terror when one cannot trust the one next to him and also doesn’t actually known Who really are they? In  these times What if, If you get to travel to a place where you have answers to all your questions. Where you will not only get to explore the ultimate part of the world, but will get to visit the one of the most sacred and peaceful place. Where you can get rid from all your misdeeds and sins and can enjoy the beautiful natural beauty. Such is the place known as Haridwar. “The most famous and very well-known”.


When Ganga was brought to Haridwar, then all the Gods asked: ‘We was all sins , but who will was us?’ Ganga said this to Lord Vishnu:’ Lord Vishnu, our sins will be washed all us, what should we do?’ Then the Lord said; ‘As many sadhus and saints are living in this world, every time they will bathe in Ganga, all your sins will be wahed away automatically.

The name Haridwar itself suggests the meaning of it. That Hari ka Dwar which means ‘The Gateway to God’.

Haridwar is the most sacred and important pilgrimage place in the Uttrakhand state of India. It is located in the banks of river Ganga.

This land of Saints, Mahatamas and Sanyasis vibrates constantly with Sajjans. As an integral part of the Hindu tradition people pour a few drops of the Ganga water into the mouth of a dying person. Believing that the water will clean the  persons past sins. We all have heard about the different stories about the believes on how the river Ganga emerged on earth. The most famous one tells us that there was Saint Bhagirath whose prayers were anwered by Lord Brahma and Ganga came down to earth. Devprayag is the site of the confluence of the rivers Bhagirathi and Alaknanda. Together these rivers form the ganga.

Haridwar importance as the ever refreshing mystic venue for the purification of the mind, body and soul has been inputs as down the ages. Sadhus are a permanent presence here. Genealogist masters the art of keeping and maintaining the genealogy registers. Haridwar is regarded as the 7th hoist places to the hindu community.

A paradise for nature lover Haridwar , It is also one of the 7th most visited Honeymoon destination in India. People know this place with different names but here the name of Ganga Dwar and Harki Paudi are the most famous.

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History of Haridwar

History of Haridwar

Haridwar which is also known as Hardwar is the place named after Lord Vishnu which also means Hari and Lord Shiva which also mean Har. This place is for both the devotes of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. Haridwar is regarded as one of the seven holiest places (Sapta Puri) to Himdus. According to the Hindu Mythology, the Samundra Manthan, Haridwar along with Ujjain, Nashik and Prayag (Allahbad) is one of four sites where drops of amrit, the elixir of immortality,a ccidentally spilled over from the pitcher while being carried by the celestial bird Garuda. This manifested in the Kumbha Mela, which is celebrated every 12 years in Haridwar. Brahma Kund, the spot where the Amerit fell, is located at Har ki Pauri which means (“Footsteps of the Lord”) and is considered to be the most sacred ghat of Haridwar.

About the Har ki Pauri It is said that King Vikramaditya built it in 1st century B.C in the memory of his brother Har Thari or Bharathari. who have come to meditate here in bank of river Ganga. It is also believed about the place that Lord Vishnu and Shiva has come and visited this place during the Vedic Times. There is also a large foot print of Lord Vishnu. It is the landmark of Haridwar.

Places to visit in Haridwar


  • Har ki Pauri – The most important and pious spot in Haridwar is Har ki Pauri. This is known as Brahma kund. This is the place in which the holy Ganga River leaves the hills and mountains and enters the plains. The most famous fact here is that there are many footprints on the Ghats of the river, which are supposedly Lord Vishnu’s feet marks. Visitors come here for many reasons, which include head shaving after death in family and ashes of dead to be flown in the holy river. evry twelve years the famous Kumbh Mela is organized here in which million takes part.
  • Maya Devi Mandir – This was built in the 11th century. It is dedicated to Maya Devi a reincarnation of Shakti. when Timur Lang conquered Haridwar, this was one of the four temples, which remained intact. Here the heart and navel of Goddesses Sati wife of Lord Shiva fell when she became Sati.
  • Mansa Devi Temple– It is located on the top of a hill and can be reached by ropeway. This hill is also called Bilwa Hill of the Shivalik range of Himalayas. It is said that goddesses grants all wishes of the devotees as they tie a holy thread of tree branches. In addition, when their wish is fulfilled then come back to untie it.
  • Chandi Devi Mandir– These temples fall under Hindu Shakti peeth temples in India. shaktipeets are dedicated to Hindu Satis or Shaktis. This temple is dedicated to reincarnation of Durga Goddess or Chandi Devi. It is visited by millions during Navratri and Kumbh Mela and is one of the oldest temples on India.
  • Bharat Mata Mandir– This depicts the nation Goddesses. This was established by famous religious Guru Satyanand Giri. This temple has eight floors and each floor is dedicated to various Gods and freedom fighters. Statutes of Mahatma Gandhi, subhash Chandra Bose and Vir Sawarkar etc can be seen here.
  • Sapth Rishi Ashram– According to folk lore, this Ashram was built on the same place where the seven great used to meditate viz: Atri, Kashyap, Jamdagni, Bhardwaj, Vashisht, Vishwamitra, and Gautam.
  • Shanti Kunj– This was built in 1971. It is spiritual hub for Indian culture. People from all lifestyles find peace and come here fo their spiritual queations, anweres, and awareness. This well renowned ashram also promotes and organizes various spiritual and meditative programs.
  • Pavan Dham – This site is renowned for its temples and its architectures and built. The artisans have made exquisitely adorned and beautifully crafted idols and the amazing and authentic mirror and glasswork is a marvelous sight.
  • Vishnu Ghat– It is the most visited and sacred ghat of Haridwar. IT is named after Lord Vishnu. It is said that Lord Vishnu took bath here and this water is said to relive all sins.

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Places to visit Near Haridwar

  • Kaliyar Sharif
  • Chilla
  • New Tehri
  • Mussoorie
  • Devparayag
  • Dehradun
  • Neelkhanth Mahadev Temple
  • Chamba
  • Rishikesh

Climate of Haridwar

Climate of

Summers– The summer of Haridwar are extremely hot and humid. The temperature goes above 44 degree sometimes. The people who visit the place during summers only finds shade to sit around. The crowd with lot of high temperature creates a mess and the trip becomes stressfull rather then enjoyable.

Monsoon– During the monsoon season the weather becomes really pleasant. But because of heavy rainfall, the water of river Ganga overflows and because of its being located in the hilly areas sometimes the roads get blocked because of landslides in the nearby places.

Winter– Winters of Haridwar are really cold. And the temperature is cool. The temperature ranges from 24 degree to 6 degree. You will not be able visit every place during the times of the winters.

Best time to Visit Haridwar

Best time to Visit

If you want to visit Haridwar . Enjoy the natural view, explore the place and also want to spend your time also as a devotee and pray. You must visit the place either in the month of February to April or in the month of October and November. This means after the winters get a bit pleasant, and the summers gets moderate. That is the best time when the weather of Haridwar gets beautiful and also the natural beauty is at its peak as if it is also enjoying the beautiful weather.

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Route to visit Haridwar

Route to visit

By Buses– The NH 45 connects roads of Haridwar to all the major cities.  Delhi is connected to Haridwar with a comfortable route. Major cities like Ghaziabad, Meerut, Muzzafarnagar, Roorkee connects it to other places like Barielly, Pilibhit, Kiccha, Kashipur. The distance between Haridwar to Delhi is around 222 km which will take around 5 hours to reach there.

By Air– The nearest airport to reach Haridwar is Jolly Grant Airport which is 28 km from Dehradun. It is 35 km form Haridwar. You will easily get flights for Jolly Grant airport from Delhi everyday.

By Train– The routes of Railways has a direct link to all the major cities. Whether its Delhi,Mumbai, Kolkata, Cheenai, Jaipur, Ahemdabad. You will easily get trains from Delhi to Haridwar.

For your Stay

For your Stay

In Haridwar you will easily find big , small, multi-starred hotels, lodges, motels. for your stay. All these places are very well- equipped, well- maintained with best accommodation facilities. The rates of the places for your stay are Easy rates and in budget. The multi-starrer will cost high. Other then this you can also stay in the Ashrams which are easily available there for the devotees and visitors.

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