Football Field Dimensions

Football Field Dimensions

Football is the game that is played with two teams with 11 players in each team. A ball is chased between the players and the plays have to hit the football in the goal post. This is declared as a goal and based on the number of goals the success of the team is declared. Football is been played and liked by most of the people all over the world. It follows some dimensions for the field. Generally, the dimensions of the football field are same where ever you see, but the medium differs. This is because of the environment of the football stadium and some other characters of the stadium vary. You can see people playing football in the school or college ground and in the stadiums as the professional match.

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When it comes to the professional match there are certain rules that are formulated by the professional team (National Football League). It is important to follow these rules of each line and other rules when you have a professional match between two teams. But there are few characteristics that the fields have on unique. Here you can find the names of some line, their dimensions and how are they used in the football field.

The football stadium | Football Field Dimensions

The stadium is the structure or the area where games like football, basketball are played. You can see the stadium in all the size and shapes. When you have to play football you should have a 100-yard log field. A professional NFL (National Football League) or a school or college stadiums can be of two different types: outdoor and domed stadium. A domed stadium is generally what you see in the professional matches. It provides a place for the viewers to be seated comfortably and a roof protects them from sun and rain. The player plays under artificial turf. Generally, a stadium will have from 50,000 to 107,000 seats for the fans.

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Field dimension | Football Field Dimensions

Football has been played from the very olden period with certain measurements, dimensions, and norms. Through long years there are not many differences in the length in the field of the football dimension. The length of the field will be 100 yards and 53 1/3 yards width. This measurement has been followed since 1881. There was a change in this measurement after 1912 the two end zones were established that measures 10 yards deep and that remains ever. As a result, now people play a football match in the 360 feet long x 160 feet wide field. These are strictly followed in every professional match of the professional teams.

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The marks on the field | Football Field Dimensions

Around the field, you can see a lot of white lines. Every such line represents some meaning:

  •    End lines: they represent that they are the end of the field
  •    Sidelines: they show that it is the side of the field
  •    Goal line: you can find goal line they are drawn 10 yards inside the field and they are parallel to each line.
  •    Field of play: they are the area surrounded by the goal and the sidelines.
  •    50-yard line: you can see this line at the middle of the field; it is actually the line equally dividing the field.
  •    End zones: the areas that are surrounded by the goal, end, and sidelines.

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Yard line | Football Field Dimensions

Yard Ines line parallel to the goal line by the distance of 5 yards apart and you can find that the sidelines are connected with these yard line. They end at the distance of 8 inches from the 6-foot solid border.

Hash marks | Football Field Dimensions

Hash marks are found at a distance of 70 feet, 9 inches apart from the sidelines. There are 2 sets of hash marks, each measuring at 1 yard runs parallel to each other through the field length and they are approximately measured 18 ½ feet apart to each other.

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Player benches | Football Field Dimensions

You can find a white broken line 6 feet away from the borderline or 6 feet away from the sideline, this is an additional line that it serves as a resisted area for others and only coaches and the substitute players are allowed into it. The bench area begins from 6 feet away from these broken lines. The playing congregates in this area and the viewing team will remain in the benches and they are not allowed inside. This is also the place for the doctors to treat players during any injuries and trainers to communicate with the players during the match.

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The player area | Football Field Dimensions

Football can be played in natural and on an artificial surface as well.

  •    Natural area: an area where natural grass is present is the right area for football matches, such areas have to be well maintained by watering, mowing, etc. These areas are same as the lawn or a basketball field since they are soft, beautiful and green that makes the area good for playing football.
  •    Artificial area: it is also possible to artificially create an area for playing football from synthetic nylon fibers that look like tiny grass. They make the area look a cushioned carpet. Artificial areas are much cheaper compared to natural one since high maintenance is required to maintain the place and grass to make it a better football field.

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Goalposts | Football Field Dimensions

It is the important guidelines for the kicker in the game, to have a goal the player has to kick the football high between the two vertical bars of the goalpost this act in the football is referred as the splitting the uprights. Usually, you can see the goal post at the back of the end zone.

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A football is played among countries and has lots of fans and followers; in addition, there are also various associations for the game. These are the various measurement and dimensions and names of the lines in a football field, they have been followed by professional football players when they have a professional football match between them.

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