Essay on Diwali – The festival of Light !

Essay on Diwali - the festival of Light !

India is a land of festivals in true sense and while there are a number of festivals which gets celebrated all around the year, Essay on Diwali – the festival of Light! ,Diwali can certainly be quoted as the biggest and most awaited ones among all of them. Diwali is one of the most anticipated Hindu festivals and generally been celebrated around the month of October and November. Moreover, The Festivals is generally associated with the welcoming of Mother laxmi at our homes and also marks the beginning of the new financial year for a number of Businessman around the country.Essay on Diwali - the festival of Light !Image Source

People wear new attires and exchange gifts with their loved ones and on the other hand, kids and adult enjoy the festivals by craving on the sweets and burning firecrackers. To be precise, this can be said the most widely celebrated festivals in the Hindu community.

History behind the festival | Essay on Diwali – the festival of Light!

Essay on Diwali - the festival of Light !Image Source

While people have a number of Mythological beliefs behind the celebration of Diwali in India, the best ones quotes the arrival of Lord Rama(the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu) to his city Ayodhya  along with his wife Sita and brother Laxmana ,after spending 14 years in exile and also killing the Demon Ravana in the Process.

People of Ayodhya lit oil lamps all along their way back to the city and celebrated the arrival of their beloved prince with utmost joy. On the other hand, many people in South India celebrate this festival to mark the day when Lord Krishna killed Narakasur and this is the reason why they celebrated by bursting crackers and lighting their homes and the city all along.

Diwali and its Aspects | Essay on Diwali – the festival of Light!

Although Diwali is been celebrated by Hindu, Sikhs, Jains and even Buddhists for their own historical reasons, the message delivered by all those historical events was one: Victory of Good over the evil. Diwali is widely been celebrated as a day which gives a message of Hope over Despair and Knowledge over Ignorance.

Diwali Celebrations by Sikh and Jain community

Essay on Diwali - the festival of Light !Image Source

Diwali also holds great significance for the Sikh and Jain community as in the Sikhs, it marks the historical day when their sixth Guru, Guru Hargobind singh got released along with 52 other princes in 1619.

On the other hand, Jain community believes this day as the liberation day of their 24th and last Tirthankara, Lord  Mahavira.

The significance of Diwali in the Hindu community

In the Hindu community, Diwali can be ascertained as the biggest festival in the year. The Celebrations start way before then the auspicious day and people get on with their preparations by cleaning their houses and getting them whitewashed to welcome Mother Laxmi. 

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The festival gets celebrated over a period of five days starting from Dhanteras till the Bhai Dooj on thelast day.

Dhanteras( First Day)

Essay on Diwali - the festival of Light !

Dhnateras embarks the first day of the Diwali Festival and people generally purchase Gold, silver, utensils and other precious metals and stuff on this day. It is been believed that the blessing of Mother laxmi comes along with whatever stuff we purchase on this day.

Most of the people wear new clothes and performs Laxmi Pooja in the evening and lit Oil or ghee lamps at their homes.

Narak Chaturdashi( Second day)

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 Essay on Diwali – the festival of Light! Narak chaturdashi is been celebrated across most of the parts of South India and it’s been believed that lord Krishna killed the Demon Narakasur on this day. Moreover, its been said that Lord Krishna’s friend Satyabhama and Goddess Kali were also involved in the battle with the Evil Narakasur.

People wake up early and got Temples to offer prayers to Lord Krishna following by celebrations and Poojas in the evening.

Diwali(third Day)

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Essay on Diwali – the festival of Light!  Then comes the big day of Diwali when everyone wear new clothes, exchanges gifts and sweets with their loved ones and further went on to perform Laxmi Pooja in the evenings. On the other hand, little kids and adults indulged in Burning of Firecrackers and cherishing on the delicious sweets made at home by their mothers.

Govardhan Pooja or Diwali Padva(Fourth Day)

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Essay on Diwali – the festival of Light  The fourth day is been celebrated as the Diwali padva and Goverdhan pooja across several parts of India. While Diwali Padva is been celebrated to mark the return of King Bali (mentioned in the Sacred book of Ramayana), Goverdhan pooja is been celebrated across some parts of Uttar Pradesh in the memory of Lord Krishna’s lifting the whole Goverdhan Mountain on his Index finger and providing shelter to the villagers of Vrindavana from heavy rains out of anger from Weather God Indra.

Bhai Dooj (Fifth Day)

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Essay on Diwali – the festival of Light Bhai dooj is celebrated to cherish the purest bonding of sisters and brothers all around the country. It is been believed that King of Death Yamaraja went to his sister Yami( Yamuna) house and she welcomes him with all the Tika and Aarti ceremony.

She further offered her sweets and flowers and Yamaraj was so overwhelmed by her gesture that on his return that whoever in this world is been treated by their sisters on this day would never need to be sacred of death. That is the reason why every sister does the Tika and Arti ceremony with their brothers and prays to god for their Longevity and well being.

Its also been believed that Lord Krishna went to his sister Subhadra and she also welcomed him with garlands and sweets along with the Tika and Arti Ceremony.

How People celebrate Diwali in India?

People generally clean their houses and offices days before diwali and light them up during diwali to welcome Mother laxmi to their homes on the auspicious occasion of Diwali. They wear new clothes, meet and greet their relatives and friends with gifts and sweets and start with their preparations in the evening for the Laxmi Pooja.

Essay on Diwali – the festival of Light ! Once the pooja gets through, People lit the earthen lamps in their places along with fancy and designer lights. On the other hand, little kids and adolescents enjoy the sweets and dishes made at home and burn firecrackers in the evening to make the most out of their Diwali Celebrations.

Popular Diwali dishes| Essay on Diwali – the festival of Light !

There are a number of dishes and mostly the sweet ones which gets prepared across all the homes  and the same includes Gulab Jamun,Kaju Katli, Gajar Halwa,Kheer and so on. When it comes to the Salt and spicy versions, the most famous dishes are Poori Sabzi, Chhole bhature and so on.

There are several more dishes which are prepared in the other parts of India and the most famous ones amongst them are Bedami Puri, Paneer Pasanda, Biuryani and Kheer.

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