Depression The Most Hazardous Disease of This Century


Depression The Most Hazardous Disease of This Century is a very common phenomenon which occurs to people in today’s world. More and more people are affected by this mental disease. Depression can happen to any person at any age and anytime. Unfortunately, the statistics say that every 2 out of 3 people are diagnosed with depression. Depression is a problem which affects the Mind, then the heart and lastly the body.

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There are various reasons why a person may be depressed. One of the most common reasons why people get depressed is because of Financial problems, family issues, and Work Stress. Another reason for depression in teenagers and young adults is social media. Nowadays Depression | The Most Hazardous Disease of the 21st Century, It’s very common. Depression takes birth because of stress. Stress takes place when an individual is upset or overthinks about a particular person or a situation beyond limits. Stress only aggravates depression which takes a toll on an individual’s health in a massive manner.

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However, a layman terms the stress of life as the ups and downs of Livelihood. This happens because of a lack of awareness in terms of depression or the symptoms of depression. If you notice yourself or your loved one depressed for more than two weeks, please make sure you talk to that person. Being upset for more than two weeks is surely a sign of depression. There are various symptoms which I have listed below:

  • Lost Interest | Depression The Most Hazardous Disease of This Century

Usually, in depression, individuals begin to reduce or rather lose interest in Activities they once loved. This sudden withdrawal of interest is certainly a sign of rising depression which can affect the emotional state of a person to an unimaginable extent. You may be depressed if, for more than two weeks, you’ve felt sad, down or miserable

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  • Lost Memory Of Usual Things | Depression The Most Hazardous Disease of This Century

If you notice yourself or your loved one being forgetful of day to day things too often, please understand that it’s time to help that person. Forgetting small things time and again clearly indicates that there is something else which has taken over the thoughts of the person.

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  • Lost Social Life | Depression The Most Hazardous Disease of This Century

Depressed people rarely do go out or interact much with outsiders. Noticing such symptom can indicate that Depression has reached a really high stage and this can even tempt the victim to have suicidal thoughts. During such times, talking helps.

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  • Lost Focus | Depression The Most Hazardous Disease of This Century

Usually, the person who has been a victim of depression has only one or a few things clouding their thoughts. The attention of such an individual usually gets split and they lose focus really easily.

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  • Lost Self-Control | Depression The Most Hazardous Disease of This Century

Often the depressed person seeks for pleasure to distract themselves from the thoughts or stress. Such times are testing times for the individuals and they usually give in to Alcohol, sedatives and much more.

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  • Lost confidence | Depression The Most Hazardous Disease of This Century

Confidence is where depression hits the victim really hard. A depressed person begins to feel guilty for almost everything they do. When an individual begins to lose his self-confidence, he eventually loses himself.

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  • Lost Patience | Depression The Most Hazardous Disease of This Century

Depressed people commonly get irritated at the slightest of things. They can develop an anger or irritation on almost anything and everything. They do not keep the patience to maintain understanding or calmness in a situation.

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  • Lost Themselves | Depression The Most Hazardous Disease of This Century

People who are victim to this mental disease usually lose themselves, their identity and their status in society. They become very vulnerable and easy traps of con men and fake god people. They lose their abilities, knowledge, and skills.

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  • Lost Positive Thinking | Depression The Most Hazardous Disease of This Century

One of the reasons the person gets into depression is because the Positivity in thoughts and life is missing. When the positivity converts into negativity, depression begins to set in.

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  • Lost Physical Energy | Depression The Most Hazardous Disease of This Century

An individual who is suffering from depression becomes very Lazy and demotivated in life. They often avoid going out or even performing remote tasks which involves basic physical energy.

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  • Lost Appetite | Depression The Most Hazardous Disease of This Century

Another warning sign of depression is when a person stops Eating. Sudden loss of appetite can be a major sign which should be looked upon immediately. Such a sign may require a meeting with the counselor or a psychologist.

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  • Lost Faith In Others | Depression The Most Hazardous Disease of This Century

Depressed people often think that others may not be interested in them or they may not be of use to others. They start losing faith in others assuming that they would be a liability to others.

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  • Loss Of Sleep | Depression The Most Hazardous Disease of This Century

Any individual who loses his sleep over a thought or over multiple thoughts is a clear sign that he or she is depressed. An intense conversation about his problems with solutions can really help this person out.

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  • Loss Of Immunity | Depression The Most Hazardous Disease of This Century

Depressed people begin to fall ill more rapidly than those who don’t. When the mind cannot face the issue, it begins to show in the Pathology. The sickness of the mind begins to reflect in the body too over a period of time.

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  • Loss Of Weight | Depression The Most Hazardous Disease of This Century

Due to change incomplete Lifestyle, the Weight also suddenly drop or either increase in a different fashion. Depressed usually appear very weak.

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Depression slowly takes over the full body and that’s why it is very important for people to understand the early signs and take the right action at the right time. This is a very sensitive issue and proper awareness programmes should be conducted in favor of the general public. Depression can attack anyone at any given point of time, staying alert matters the most.

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The signs of depression begin very normally and sometimes even in a fun way, but it takes a lot out of the victim and almost kills them. There are still many people who don’t understand how threatening depression can get. Many still believe that there is nothing like depression and that’s why they fail in understanding the signs of depression. Awareness of these issues can help to save a life with simple ways like talking it out, making someone laugh, taking such people for therapies and much more can actually help them come out of it very conveniently. Most depressed people only seek love and Care.

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