Christmas Party Games

Gift Stacking Game

Party games are games that are played to bring interaction and provide entertainment and recreation among the social gathering. Christmas Party Games are intended to be played socially, which are designed to be easy for new players to learn. Party games aim to include players of various skill levels and elimination of players is rare in party games. The categories of party games are icebreaker, indoor, outdoor and large group games and other types include partnered games and races.

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One of the special parts about Christmas is the quality family time. You can make wonderful memories and enjoy a friendly competition with these Christmas Party Games that offers you a ton of all-inclusive fun. There are some IceBreakers, Guessing Games, trivia and some hilarious Christmas party games are here. You will find some great games that do not matter your party size or average age. These party games only require items that you already have, so just read the rules and with little preparation, you will be ready to play. Christmas Stockings Xmas Tree Hanging Ornaments Candy Gifts Bags Christmas Party Favors

Gift Stacking Game | Christmas Party Games

In Gift stacking game, the kids’ race to recreate a stack of gifts and they will love this Christmas party game. To play this game, you need some empty boxes and leftover Gift Wrap. There is also a fun twist in this game where it is turned into a relay race. This is really a great overall game for kids of all ages and they will enjoy this game more. Shrink & Link Jewelry (Klutz)

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Guessing The Ornament | Christmas Party Games

On Christmas day, surely there is a Christmas Tree and many beautiful Ornaments are used to give an extraordinary look. A great way to start your Christmas party is playing this game. You can make the guest guess how many ornaments are on your tree when they walk into the party. This is a very easy game to play and set up. If you like, you can give a small prize to the winner. Christmas Tree Pendant Christmas Ornaments Christmas Gift DIY Transparent Open Plastic Christmas Ball Xmas Hanging Decoration Toys

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Snowman Slam from growing a Jeweled Rose

To play this Christmas party game for kids, you will just need a few items. You probably already have the items that are required to play this Snowman Slam. The items are White Cups, Construction Paper and some rolled up Socks. Decorate each cup with a snowman face and then arrange them as a tower. Allow the kids to knock over the tower with the used of rolled up socks and see how many snowmen they can knock over. And also give them turns to play it. Christmas Decoration Snowman Tree Hanging Ornament 

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Christmas Charades | Christmas Party Games

First, print out the list of Christmas terms to play this game. Separate your friends into separate teams and get one person from each team to do the acting. Like the normal Charades, the actors are not allowed to say or make signals of any letters. Every time a team guesses the answer correctly within the time limit and they get one point. The team which scores twenty points as first wins the game. Christmas Charades Board Game

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Finding the Santa’s Reindeer | Christmas Party Games

Here is a fun scavenger hunt game where the kids will need to find Santa’s Reindeer that you have hidden around the party space. Depending on the age of children at the party, you can choose the game range from easy to difficult. This game needs little reindeer figures if you have time make it otherwise use a printable reindeer from the Christmas coloring pages.

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Christmas memory game | Christmas Party Games

Pick some Christmas images such as gift, Santa, snow etc. and draw or print the two of each, so that you will have a total of sixteen cards. Now place these cards on the table in a 4×4 layout. Give chance to each player to pick a card, and then try to find the match. When a player finds the match, ask them to keep it, they will get a point and tries for another match. Play this game until someone reaches the predetermined amount of points to win.

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Blindfold Christmas Drawing | Christmas Party Games

First, collect some Paper Plates and Markers. Provide the game instructions to the players. Players are made to BlindFold and they hold their paper plate on top of their head. One person in the party gives drawing instructions while everyone else tries to draw the Christmas scene onto the plate. The person who draws a most accurate scene will win the game. Toyshine 12 Pcs Christmas Hats, Santa Claus Caps for Kids and Adults, Free Size, Xmas Caps

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Stocking fill-up | Christmas Party Games

Form two teams based on the number of players are there. For each team, place a Christmas tree on the other end of the room. Then the players will race to their team’s stocking with a spoonful of Candy, deposit the candy and return to their team. This race continues until one team fills up their stocking. The team which completes the stocking first is the winning team.

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20 Questions | Christmas Party Games

One player, the answerer, selects a Christmas themed object. While all other players ask the yes or no questions to the answerer to guess what the object is. If no one guesses the answer correctly after 20 questions, then answerer has won. After that, he picks a new object for the next round. If someone guessed the answer correctly they pick the object for the next round.

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Pin The Nose On The Rudolph | Christmas Party Games

Draw or print out a picture of Rudolph and place it on the wall. Take a red circular piece of paper with a thumbtack or piece of Tape. Then blindfold the player, spin them in a circle and allow them to pin the nose on Rudolph. Give the chance to everyone to pin the nose of Rudolph and whoever pins it most accurately wins the game.

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While selecting a Christmas party game to remember to keep your guest’s age, interest and activity level in mind and also know how many members are there in your party. To make the party game an interesting one, try to provide specialized Gifts to the participants. Have fun with these Christmas party games – don’t let the competitive spirit to get into the way of Christmas spirit.

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