Career in Indian Air Force after 12th

Career in Indian Air Force after 12th

Working as a pilot is a big dream of a lot of youngsters. Especially, they start their career in the flying branch as a flying officer is such a beneficial thing. Indian Air force has various types of airplane, so might choose to fly a helicopter, transport, and load related plane take place with IAF. Today’s youngsters always want to make their career as a more glamorous and challenging one. Absolutely, Career in Indian Air Force after 12th.

Men can join in air force passing their 12th, graduation, engineering and PG degrees. But women can’t. She can join only as Officer Cadre must complete their graduation, engineering, and PG

Let us discuss the procedure of joining the air force and what are the jobs in air force after 12th.

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Procedure for joining air force after 12th | Career in Indian Air Force after 12th

Even 12 passed students can join Air Force as well as become a pilot. Before applying for the post, you must go through the training and course details. If you complete your training, period, you get 25000 as a starting salary.Indian Air Force Airman Group ‘Y’ (Non-Technical Trades)

Do you want to join Indian Air Force after 12?

You should clear an NDA Entrance exam conducted by Union Public Service Commission twice a year. So, NDA is an entrance of your career to enter. Acronym of NDA is National Defence Academy which is a premier Defence Institute locate4d in Pune. This academy belongs to 3 wings of the armed force such as Army, Navy and Air force.

After completing your NDA entrance exam, you should attend the SSB (Service Selection Board) interview. Those completing recommended candidates have to attend the PABT test. Once you attend it in your lifetime, that check if you have a potential to become the best pilot or not.Indian Air Force Digitally Printed Abstract Satin Cushion Cover

Those examinations contain negative marks. So you should prepare well and don’t attend difficult questions, which is not able to solve. Otherwise, you lose your marks.

After, you have to attend the medical examination; you must satisfy the physical and medical requirements.

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Eligibility criteria for NDA Entrance Exam | Career in Indian Air Force after 12th

  • You must complete your 12th standard from recognized school.
  • As well as completed with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics subjects.
  • Age should be range from 16 ½ to 19 years
  • Your citizenship should be Indian
  • Applied only male candidate and your marital status should be unmarried.

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Physical standards and Medical Requirements | Career in Indian Air Force after 12th

Joining in Airforce, candidates’ educational qualification needs to satisfy a basic set of physical standards. As well as do some important tests in medical standards.

  • Better sound health and free ear, nose, and throat infections
  • Shouldn’t have any heart or vessel functional disease
  • Maintain normal Blood Pressure and good mental health
  • Having a good binocular vision without any color blindness
  • Exemptions: height parameter based on government instruction in North Eastern regions of India, Garhwal or Kumaon
  • Physique parameters Fort Collins Men’s Bomber Jacket 

A candidate, who clear the medical test and sent to the consideration of merit list,

Merit list shows the candidate marks that they scored in NDA, SSB and medical test the takes into account. Then students get admission into the air force based on the merit list. You will get training at NDA for 3 years, while after your selection.

After completing successfully the 3-year course at NDA, you are sent to Air force academy by the Air Force cadets and also attend for further training in Hyderabad Academy at 1 year.

After complete your successful training, that they are commissioned as Flying Officer in the Indian Airforce.

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Training center for newly Recruit | Career in Indian Air Force after 12th

Once you clear all the criteria of the air force, you should send to the training for 3 years. IAF has many training centers for newcomers.

Technical and other ground staffs get training at ground schools, while a pilot gets training to the Air Force Academy situate in Dundigal near Hyderabad, Telangana. Some Training centers are listed below:

  • Air Force Administrative College in Coimbatore
  • College of Air Warfare in Secunderabad
  • Pilot Training Establishment in Allahabad
  • Air Force Technical Training College in Bangalore
  • Paratrooper’s Training school in Agra
  • Indian Airforce Test Pilot School in Bangalore
  • TETTRA Schools in Pune

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Being a pilot, you may get more benefits even after retiring from Air Force such as pension plans, health schemes, education facility, and canteen facility. After qualifying your command course, you will promote to senior ranks. There is various job aspects that is available in the Air Force that is designed into three branches.

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Flying Branch | Career in Indian Air Force after 12th

A person who will responsible for the aerial task and they get the post of Helicopter Pilot, Fighter pilot, Transport Pilot, Air Traffic controller and more. The Luftwaffe and the Royal Air Force

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Technical branch | Career in Indian Air Force after 12th

A person, who will responsible for the technical department, you will be qualified for developing, maintaining and testing mechanical instruments and machinery. Age limit ranges from 20 to 24.

Indian Airforce Airman Group ‘X’ (Technical Trades)

Furthermore, the technical branch is divided into Aeronautical Engineer in Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineer in electronics.

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Ground Duty Branch | Career in Indian Air Force after 12th

Here, men can join as a permanent commission and women can join as a Short Service Commission in all the branches. It’s only for graduates and postgraduates. The candidate, who is responsible for managing both human and material resources, the following branches comes under the Ground duty branch category.

  • Administration Branch – work as an Air Traffic controller and Fighter Controller
  • Accounts Branch – responsible for fund management and work as an auditor
  • Logistic Branch – managing material of all the air force resources
  • Education Branch – manage the whole education department
  • Meteorology Branch – handling modern satellite imagery and advanced monitoring equipment

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For government employees, salary depends on their rank and post. Moreover, there are various benefits of joining Air force like get financial security as well as offer bonus at the exclusive duty times. Afcat: Air Force Common Admission Test

I hope, now you know the journey of a potential cadet from your 12th standard to Air Force. Now, you can fulfill your dream of joining as an air force officer of Indian armed forces after 12th. So you have to decide your career, not others. Do always what you think!

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