Best Top 18 Courses to do after 12th

Best Top 18 Courses to do after 12th

Are you a 12th completed student? And confusing what to do after 12? If so, this will show you more career options that you can opt, So we come up with the Best Top 18 Courses to do after 12th.

Everyone wants to pursue the best course in the education field. The course must be in demand in terms of academics as well as job, can be referred to the best course to do.

Mostly, students may be planning to join Engineering or Medical Colleges. But you should consider various career option and top courses.

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1. Technical Course-Engineering | Best Top 18 Courses to do after 12th

In 12th, if you have opted for science, you have more option to consider.

Want to become an Engineer? If yes, your choice is an excellent one. The bachelor course duration is 4 years. Engineering has huge diversification of courses and endless opportunities in the market.

There are several colleges to pursue B.E/B.Tech Courses. Some branches are Computer science, Civil, Mechanical, electrical, IT and more.

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Medical Courses | Best Top 18 Courses to do after 12th

Are you a science student and have done 12th with PCB? If so, you have to choose the right career. If you can opt for the medical sector is more reliable and suits your subjects. One of the best and prominent fields for the one who has a science group.

You may apply the most professional courses in the medical field which is based on either merit or entrance test.

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3. Charted accountant | Best Top 18 Courses to do after 12th

You may prefer CM, the best career option for every student, who has excellent knowledge of Mathematical and analytical skills.

Nowadays, CA is in great demand as well as the highly respected field. So, you can earn a lot of money.  Choosing CA course after 12th is an economical one compared over medical and engineering options.

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4. Arts | Best Top 18 Courses to do after 12th

Painting, Sculpturing, ceramic designing, textile designing, interior decoration, and metalwork come under the Fine Arts.

One of the specialized fields that give4s you wings to your creative talent and helps to build a great career.

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5. Space Technology | Best Top 18 Courses to do after 12th

Today’s India is the topmost power in space science and technology. India is the one and the only country that has launched 105 satellites using a single rocket as well as has several accolades in space technology.

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The space technology with top courses that available from Indian Institute of Space Science and technology. So, here you can make the best career.

6. National Defence Academy and Naval Academy| Best Top 18 Courses to do after 12th

Another best career option for you after 12th is joining National Defense Academy graduating from NDA and Naval Academy. It gives you the equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree. Joining NDA and Naval Academy has several benefits for you.

Being Indian Armed Forces officer you can get excellent facilities as well as attract immense4 respect in the society.

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7. Police Services | Best Top 18 Courses to do after 12th

Police are one of the highly respected career options. After completing 12th, it is possible for any men women can join a police constable. A man wants to work for the Indian police forces; they require a sense of patriotism, huge respect, and courage as well as self-sacrifice for social welfare.

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Pharmacy Courses | Best Top 18 Courses to do after 12th

After completing 12th, you can make your career in Pharmaceutical companies, Food and Drug Administration and other government agencies.

Here two top courses option pharmacy such as Diploma in Pharmacy and Bachelor in Pharmacy.

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9. Airline cabin crew | Best Top 18 Courses to do after 12th

Making your career in airlines which is more beneficial one for you. This will take you to various interesting places in India as well as around the world. One of the top most career that always in vogue.

Furthermore, there are various courses that will show you the basics of the cabin crew. Often referred to known as Air Hostesses for females and Flight stewards for Males.

Open you exciting career door that can take you around the world.

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10. Forensic sciences | Best Top 18 Courses to do after 12th

Still, India lags in Forensic science. In India, only 7 Forensic laboratories exist that serves the entire nation. If you can do this course, you can get a great job as a Forensic investigator with the National Investigation Agency, Police Department and other Law enforcement authorities.

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11. Banking, Finance, and Insurance | Best Top 18 Courses to do after 12th

Choosing a top course that can help you to make an excellent career in the banking sector. The banking, finance, and insurance have three distinct courses are available: BBA in Banking & Insurance, Bachelor of Business administration (BBA) in Banking & Finance and Bachelor of Science in Banking & Finance.

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If you want to enter into the nationalized banks, you will have to clear the entrance exams.

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12. ITI Courses | Best Top 18 Courses to do after 12th

Over 180 top courses in engineering and non-engineering fields are available through 1700 Industrial Training institutes which is very vast. OIT is one of the tops highly respected courses and recognized in foreign countries too.

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13. Culinary arts | Best Top 18 Courses to do after 12th

Studying culinary arts that can fetch you an excellent chef job at the topmost hotels and restaurants in India and abroad too.

Here, two top courses in Culinary Arts such as Bachelor in culinary arts and Diploma in culinary arts.

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14. Metallurgy | Best Top 18 Courses to do after 12th

Unfortunately, Indian Educational Institutes don’t offer various Metallurgy courses. But few colleges offer Bachelor and Diploma Courses in Metallurgical Engineering.

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15. Radio Jockey | Best Top 18 Courses to do after 12th

Want to become a Celebrity and entertain people?

If yes, pick the Certificate course in Radio Jockeying available in some prestigious university or college.

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16. Fashion Technology | Best Top 18 Courses to do after 12th

Have you interested in fashion? If it is your passion, choose the Bachelor of Science Fashion technology which is the top course after 12th. Many technicians rank as the topmost designers in the world.

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17. Medical diagnostics | Best Top 18 Courses to do after 12th

Are you genuinely interested in working for India’s healthcare sector?

Still, some various career options available include Bachelor of Science, B.Sc in Radiology and Ultrasound; B.Sc in Radiography and Diploma courses too.

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18. Aviation | Best Top 18 Courses to do after 12th

Everyone can’t afford to join a flying school. But still, some top courses are available such as Diploma of Airport Management, Aircraft Maintenance, Heavy Aircraft Maintenance and Diploma in Avionics.

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Nowadays, education plays a vital role in building a good career. I hope this will help you to choose top courses and career that suits your passion. All the best for your career!

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