Play the Game and Make the Nation as Proud through Asian Games.

Asian Games 2018

The Marvellous Asian Games History.


  • Asiad is another name for Asian games. It has several game competitions. It was held every four years with athletes from all over Asia. Asian games federation (AGF) regulated the games. After the Asian game federation, the games were organized by the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA).
  • The games are recognized by International Olympic Committee (IOC). After the Olympic Games, the Asian games are considered as the second largest multi-sport event. Nine nations have conducted the Asian games and forty-six nations have participated in the Asian games.
  • In 1951 March 4, the first time Asian games were held. This was held in India’s capital New Delhi. The first Asian games have 491 athletes, they came from 11 nations. Those eleven nations are respectively India, Burma, Japan, Iran, Nepal, Philippine, Singapore, Indonesia, Ceylon, and Thailand. The shining sun was the selected as Asian game’s symbol.

The Grand 2018 Asian Games.

2018 Asian Games

  • The 2018 Asian games, also known as the 18th Asian games. Jakarta Palembang 2018 refers to 2018 Asian games. It is a multi-sport event held in Jakarta and Palembang which are the cities of Indonesian. The 2018 Asian games are held on 18 August to September 2, 2018.
  • 2018 Asian games are more special because this is the first time that, the Asian games are co-hosted in two cities. Events were held in and around those two cities.
  • Originally planned to hold the Asian game 2018 in Vietnam in honai, but, the country has no ability to conduct Asian games. So, they miss their golden opportunity due to economic status. After that, Indonesia has the opportunity to hold Asian games.2019 was Indonesia’s common election year. So, they considered this chance as god’s gift.
  • This is the second time that the Asian games are held on Indonesia. The first time the Asian games were held in Jakarta in the year 1962.

Adorable Welcome For 18th Asian Games.


  • In 2014 the Asian games held in Songdo convensia which was the state of south corea. Indonesia has made host city for the 18th Asian games. OCA president HH Sheikh Ahmad Al Fahad Al Sabah tells the information about Asian games which was held in Indonesia.
  • Indonesia has wished to host the Asian games in 2018 or 2019. 15000 athletes are selected for participation in 2018 Asian games.  Forty-five Different nation’s OCA members are organizing this Asian game.
  • Jakarta planned to provide great arrangements for 18th Asian games. Vice president of Jakarta had visited the arrangements which were a grand opening for Asian games.
  • As like that Palembang had also tried to give their best for 18th Asian games. Palembang‘s president planned to organize the 2018 Asian games in the large stadium which has named sriwijaya stadium. It has many facilities.
  • The stadium has twenty-three thousand four hundred and nineteen benches and forty-thousand individual seats.  The colorful circle is selected for the 18th Asian games logo. The energy of Asia is named for the 18th Asian game’s logo.
  • The Asian game was mainly held for improving the talents of athletes. Many gold medals and silver medals and bronze medals are provided for several games. Each medal has fixed to various games.
  • Bhin bin, atung and kaka are the three mascots of 2018 Asian games. Three mascots considered as three stars of Asian games. They establish an Asian game’s speed, strategy, and strength.
  • The three mascots were taken from the golden cities of Indonesia which are Papua, Jakarta, and Palembang. Each mascot has several identities such as bhin bhin represents the bird of paradise they were popular in Papua.
  • To represents the identity of speed, Atung were mentioned a bawean deer. At last, kaka is represented as one of the Asian game mascots, because they are the rhino. It mainly represents the symbol of strength. These three mascots were considered as an energy boost for athletes.
Tough Competition With Various Games.


  • The Asian games have conduct 47 several games. Which are as follows: archery, artistic swimming, athletics, badminton, basketball, bowling, bridge, canoe or kayak, cycling, diving, equestrian, fencing, football, golf game, gymnastics, handball, hockey, jet ski, judo, jujitsu, kabaddi, karate, kurash, modern pentathlon, paragliding, pencak silat, rowing, rugby sevens, sailing, sambo, speak takraw, shooting, skateboard, sport climbing, squash, swimming, table tennis, taekwondo, tennis, triathlon, volleyball, wrestling, weightlifting, wushu, water polo.
  • Many countries athletes worked hard for participating in 18th Asian games. They wish to proud their nation with medals. So many athletes were taking non-stop practice day and night. The Asian game has tough competition. It is very difficult to win medals in a heavy competitive situation.
  • Japan has 1096 athletes, 762 out of 1096 athletes are very strong and tough competitor for other athletes.japan placed second place in the Asian game of 2014. They got 151 gold medals, 109 silver medals, and 85 bronze medals. South Korea had placed in a second place with 79 gold medals, 70 silver medals, and 79 bronze medals. It is not an easy thing to take second place and third place in Asian games.

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Advantages in Hosting Asian Games 2018.

Asian Games 2018

  • The Indonesia country people will be got more recognition. The Indonesian people who have gone to other countries will come back for enjoying the 18th Asian game which was held in Indonesian cities Jakarta and Palembang.
  • Indonesia’s two cities have the opportunity to hold the Asian games. So, definitely, they will make the best and grand 18th Asian game. The arrangements for the Asian game should be neat and grand. So, the Jakarta and Palembang people will get the opportunity to make the competition as a festival. Through those ways, they will earn some money.
  • Many other country people will come to visit 18th Asian games. So, many restaurant and hotels will be booked. It may increase the amount of tourist. This is an unbelievable opportunity for tourist guides. The Indonesian country people will earn some money in this way.
  • Some Indonesia businesses can develop by Asian games. Through Asian games, many businesses establish their way of creativity. The Jakarta surrounding people will get more uses through this Asian game.
  • People will know the big infrastructures of Palembang. Large buildings and good atmosphere will attract other country people. This is one of the best ways to make Palembang popular.
  • The economic growth of Indonesia will increase. Many VIP’s came for 18th Asian games. Indonesia has the chance to enhance their features. The people in Indonesia were got the opportunity to grow their business.
  • The country will be may take extra care of their environment. They make their country as clean.
  • Asian game participation countries pay attention to Indonesia. Other countries will be impressed by Indonesia’s infrastructures.
  • Indonesia’s athletes will be noticed by other people. Normally hosting an international event in any country will make them be proud. Every country will have those opportunities. But some country will have this opportunity through Asian games.
  • In case 18th Asian game finish without problems, it can get a good name for Jakarta and Palembang. It is very difficult to conduct an international event with full security.

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