6 Camera Phones that will Make you Forget About Buying that DSLR

6 Camera Phones that will Make you Forget About Buying that DSLR

Nowadays, the communication of the people can be done easily through the camera phones. Many people’s use the camera phones as they have the best quality of capturing the pictures and videos with the help of mobile phones. The camera phone is comprised of a side that is named as rear or front. Many years ago, there is no availability of camera phones. During occasion time or visiting picnic spot, they need to carry a separate camera along with them to capture pictures. In those cases, camera phones play a very important role to take the videos or images anytime. When compared with the digital cameras, the camera phone is similar. 6 Camera Phones that will Make you Forget About Buying that DSLR.

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Benefits of Camera phones

Some of the benefits of using camera phones are discussed,

  • In the current scenario, the camera phones possess a very important feature named as an internet.
  • It is generally instant and the sharing of the pictures and video can be done automatically. As it is automatic, there is no possibility of connecting the cable to the system or laptop for the purpose of transferring the photos.
  • Whenever we use the camera, there is no possibility available for editing the picture. In those cases, the camera phones are used for the purpose of filtering, adding words, colors in the background, insertion of borders.
  • Nowadays, people get an enormous number of more useful things such as making calls, browsing the internet, sending messages etc.

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6 Camera phones | 6 Camera Phones that will Make you Forget About Buying that DSLR

The 6 important camera phones that will make you forget about buying that DSLR is,

  • Huawei P9
  • Apple iPhone 7Plus
  • One Plus3T
  • HTC 10
  • Samsung Galaxy S8
  • Kodak Ektra


Huawei P9 | 6 Camera Phones that will Make you Forget About Buying that DSLR

The Huawei P9 is considered as an Android Smartphone which has a high-end production by Huawei. Generally, it was introduced in the year 2016. Based on the success of the Huawei P8, the term Huawei P9 is discovered. Most of the design is the same, and some new things were introduced such as the dual camera setup in the backside which is mainly co-ordinated with a fingerprint sensor technology in them. Huawei P9 EVA-L09

Features of Huawei P9

  • It is a vivid world that remains mainly close to the natural colors in 5.2. The FHD display is the saturation of 96% color and contrast in nature is very high.
  • Based on the world’s top designer in the industry, Huawei P9 is created. As it is designed, in such a way that the edges are diamond-cut in shape which is rounded by curvature remains beautiful.
  • It is generally sculpted using the chemical compound named as aluminum in an aerospace- class unibody with the 2.5D glass with a superior- grade.

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Apple iPhone 7 Plus | 6 Camera Phones that will Make you Forget About Buying that DSLR

It is considered as a most anticipated device which has been introduced this year. As we know this model is bundled with lightning EarPods and an audio adapter with a diameter of 3.5 mm. The Apple contains a new home button as it is more sensitive to touch, associated with the vibrations produced. Apple iPhone 7 Plus (Black, 128GB)

Features of Apple iPhone 7 Plus  

  • There are no possibilities of the headphones to be jacked and the sound quality is high.
  • If sometimes, when our phone falls into the water, it does not make the phone to get damaged because it is mainly water resistance in nature.
  • While using other phones, the efficiency of the battery is very less and having the less possible to communicate with the people. In those cases, Apple iPhone 7 plus is used as it improves the storage of a battery.

Apple iPhone 7 PlusSource Image

Oneplus 3T | 6 Camera Phones that will Make you Forget About Buying that DSLR

One Plus 3T the word T means Turbo. It has a larger battery as it supports the dash charging. One Plus 3T helps us in doing so many tasks without making the phone to get slow. Based on the benchmarks, there are no shortcut tools being used for the device. OnePlus 6T

Features of One Plus 3T

  • Helps us to customize the navigation buttons on the screen, such that tapping twice on the home button helps us to look at the device and used most of the time.
  • In many phones, there are no proper security terms to provide from the third parties. In those cases, the fingerprint lock application is used for safety purposes.
  • It is it has an Enable dark mode, used to keep the device in a very cool manner and also has high power efficiency.

Oneplus 3TSource Image

HTC 10 | 6 Camera Phones that will Make you Forget About Buying that DSLR

HTC 10 is a type of a camera phone with solid green light mainly used to connect it the power adapter or in a computer for charging purpose. Based on the light it has a notification on the screen to indicate that when the battery level is low. HTC 10 Evo 32GB Silver

Features of HTC 10

  • It has a quad-core processor which is comprised of the 4GB of RAM.
  • The battery storage is comparatively low when compared with the other camera phones. It has an Ultra-pixel primary camera on the rear and the 5- megapixel on the front.
  • It can be mainly expanded up to 2000GB as it also has a 1.2 GHz of an octa-core processor.

HTC 10Source Image

Samsung Galaxy S8 | 6 Camera Phones that will Make you Forget About Buying that DSLR

Samsung Galaxy is considered one of the most important phones, which is very active and it is used among people all over the world. It is mainly upgraded by the hardware and the process of the design is mainly the same when compared with the S7. Samsung Galaxy A8+

Samsung Galaxy S8Source Image

Features of Samsung Galaxy S8

  • Generally, it has the Seamless transition being present from the Smartphone to the computer. Based on the users have the ability to access the application conveniently and to send the messages.
  • It is considered as a new way to interact with the people and also a comprehensive way of expressing the interface and provide related information from the hardware button.

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Kodak Ektra | 6 Camera Phones that will Make you Forget About Buying that DSLR

In Kodak Ektra phones it is considered as a bit that is used to entice the enthusiast. It has a very unique design comprised of a huge camera that is helpful for the DSLR like the modes and has a luxury.  

Features of Kodak Ektra

  • It is mainly powered with 1.4Gz processor comprises with the 3 GB of RAM (Random Access Memory). The internal storage is up to 32 GB.
  • In this process, it is mainly associated with a package of 21- megapixel on the rear side and also for the purpose of taking selfie; it has a 13- megapixel.
  • The storage of the battery is high.

Kodak EktraSource Image

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