5 destinations in South India for tourists

5 destinations in South India for tourists

5 destinations in South India for tourists

Exploring South India

South India consists of many popular travel places. With beautiful architecture, scenery, history and
nature, one can surely have a blissful time and a mind-blowing adventure here. With different cultures
and places to explore, one can endure a pretty good time and learn about different people, languages,
and cuisines. Every place is said to be known for so many things.

  • The area covering the Eastern and Western Ghats is dotted with many hill stations which are
    worth visiting once in a lifetime at least.
  • These places prove to be a wonderful place to spend with your loved ones, family vacation, and
    romantic getaways, hang out with friends, an escape from cities.
  • South India provides us beaches, hill stations, trekking areas, wildlife sanctuaries, ancient towns,
    historic temples and so many more for us to explore and learn about them.
  • The perfect time to visit tropical south India is in the winter month.
  • The peak season is from December to february, climate is more pleasant at this time.
  • South India is popular for its food, culture and places.
  • South India have its adventurous activities in its tourism places.

Pack your bags because there is so much to explore on our way to South Indian places.


Coorgimage source

  • Coorg is such a beautiful town located in Western Ghats of Karnataka. It consists of high
    mountains with cloud resting on them. The best part has to be the waterfalls that make the
    nature sound in a soothing melody. One can explore the trails that will lead up to a peak called
  • Dubare elephant place is another exciting place to visit the animals and you can find the nature
    at its best in Coorg.
  • Coorg also homes to a wide range of coffee plantations and tea plantations, jungles and
  • Waterfalls and wildlife explorations will never end in Coorg.
  • The best month to visit Coorg is within the temperature ranging between 15 degree Celsius and
    20 degree Celsius throughout the year.
  • October to March is the best time for activities especially trekking.
  • March and April are the months to experience the valley wrapped in white flowers.
  • Coorg is considered to be one of the best summer vacation places in south India.
  • Places to visit in Coorg are abbey falls, Iruppu falls, Nagarhole national park etc.

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Kodaikanalimage source

  • Kodaikanal is the most beautiful place in south India, located in TamilNadu. It is the most well-
    known hill station in TamilNadu.
  • It is located in Palani hills and is also known as princess of hill stations.
  • Because of its charms and scenic beauty it is regarded as a place for honeymoon destination as
  • People are mesmerized because of the mind-blowing nature, mountains, waterfalls, hill tops etc.
  • This place consists of dense forests, mesmerizing sunrise and sunset points. Amazing wilderness
    to explore.
  • This place is famous for Kurinju flowers which only blossoms for once in every twelve years.
  • There are also huge places to shop for antiques, clothes etc.
  • Best season to visit Kodaikanal is during September to May.
  • The best attraction places in Kodaikanal are Coaker’s Walk, Moir’s point, green valley view and
    pillar rocks.
  • Chettiar and Bryrant parks are pretty popular as well.
  • Berijam Lake, Bear Shola Falls and Silver Cascade are some amazing tourist places which are
    worth visiting in Kodaikanal.
  • Kurinji Andavar Murugan Temple is another beautiful temple worth visiting here.
  • People have a variety of place such as hills, mountains, temples, parks, waterfalls to visit with
    family, romantic adventures and the best place to visit to with friends.
  • There are a lot of places which are near to Kodaikanal which is also worth visiting such as Ooty,
    Salem, Kochi, Conoor, Andaman, Madurai, Coimbatore etc. If you have to travel to Kodaikanal
    through flight then the nearest airport is the Madurai airport.
  • Coimbatore airport is also a major airport which connects major cities in India.
  • It also has the nearest railway station which is about 80km from Kodaikanal.
  • Have fun in Kodaikanal.


Munnarimage source

  • Munnar is a hill station in Idukki district of Kerala and is also called as the “Kashmir of South
  • Situated at an average elevation of 1600 meters above sea level.
  • It is famous for lush green hills and tea plantations.
  • It’s a small hill station nestled at the Kannan Devan hills.

Perfect season to visit Munnar

  • June to September is the monsoon season in Munnar.
  • Even though numerous tourists avoid Munnar throughout monsoons, it is a perfect time to pay
    a visit.
  • Surrounded with lush green foliage and have a charm of their own kind.

History of Munnar

  • Munnar was engraved after a sequence of historic events.
  • The Muthuvan tribal community was the first residents of modern day Munnar.
  • The area was left untouched and unexplored until the conclusive part of the 19th century when
    a gust of plantations turns up in the area.
  • Munnar was introduced by John Daniel Munro to the world in the 1870s. He approached the
    place unexpectedly.
  • He fell in love with the place the movement he visited it. It was the Jenmam land of the royal
  • Munro persuaded the royal family to rent the land to him and started rebuilding the land.
  • He formed the Travancore land planting and agricultural society in 1879.
  • He started the cultivation of crops, including coffee cardamom and cinchona in numerous part
    of region.

Munnar Tourist Destination

  • Mattupetty Dam: A 13km drive from Munnar on a twisting and turning road through lush
    greenery. Beyond the green hills, the beauty here involves a dam, lake and a dairy farm of
    global standards.
  • Pambadum Shola National Park: is a home to many harmed species of flora and fauna, is the
    miniature national park in Kerala.
  • Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary: is treasure house of a thousand species of flowering plants, also
    home to a thriving animal life.


Ootyimage source

  • Ooty is also known as Udhagamandalam.
  • It is a hill station in TamilNadu, south India.
  • It is surrounded by trees, central Ooty Lake is a huge artificial expansion of water with boats.
  • Near to Elk Hill, the Rose Garden is home to 2,000 varieties of roses.
  • March to June months are summer in Ooty.
  • Weather during these months is very pleasant as you can venture out for sightseeing and tourist
  • During summer the average temperature does not rise beyond 20 degree Celsius.
  • Ooty also known as queen of hill station. It is situated in the Nilgiri hills which means the “blue
    mountains”, which is named due to kurunji flower which blooms every twelve years.
  • The district collector of Coimbatore, John Sullivan is credited for bringing the wonderful hill
    station of Ooty before public eye.
  • In the year 1812, the Assistant Revenue Sureyor Mr Keys and his assistant Mc Mahon were the
    first Englishmen to climb the Nilgiris.
  • John Sullivan was the one who built the first house in Ooty.
  • It was named as Stone House.
  • The Hill Station started gaining popularity with the tourists.
  • Historical Ooty is one of the most important hill resorts in India.

Ooty Tourist Destination

  • Nilgiri Mountain Railway: Toy Train, covers a distance of total 46 km in five hours.
  • Ooty Lake: One of the most beautiful and refreshing places to visit in Ooty. It lies in a distance of
    2 km from Ooty city in the hills of Nilgiris district.
  • Ooty Rose Garden: It lies in the heart of Ooty. The construction is magnificent and there are
    tunnels made wherein the roses are planted.
  • Ooty Botanical Gardens: They are the one of the most famous tourist destinations in the entire
    India. Located on the hillock of Ooty is one of the most popular tourists destinations in India.


Goaimage source

  • Goa is a coastal region and most popular tourist destination.
  • One of the important tourist spots in India because of its charm and attractive culture.
  • Many architectural work has brought great glory to Goa.
  • It not only attracts tourists in India but it also attracts tourists of foreign background.
  • Real essence of Goa is its beauty, rich chronicle and special culture.
  • Goa is a fantasy for every traveler.
  • Travelers can expose a satisfaction in temples and churches.
  • Coastline beach, landscape and coconut palm makes it a most beautiful place.
  • Panjim is a fishing village, which is the capital of Goa.
  • Goa has a combination of markets selling vegetables and fruits to pubs.
  • Goa is an attractive place than any other place in India.
  • Perfect place to relax, enjoy the holidays for tourists.
  • Goa is small precious land with attractive scenic.
  • Goa has abundant flora and fauna.

The Prime Attractions

  • Beaches : is the home of 50 charming and lovely beaches. Calangute Beach is Queen of Goa
    beaches, Colva Beach is pride of Salcete.
  • Scenic beauty: Goa has a numerous scenic choice, like waterfalls, hills, beautiful lakes and
    attractive springs.
  • Churches: Goa is familiar for its Churches and its architecture.
  • Temple: when Portuguese captured Goa, there was a temple in every village and a lord to
    worship. Temples still exist.
  • Mosque: Mosques at Ponda are famous in Goa.


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