5 Best places for Weekend trips from Mumbai

5 Best places for Weekend trips from Mumbai

While Mumbai is always famous for its Glitz and glamour, the city is often been regarded as the business
capital of India as well. Therefore we can say most of the people living in its heart are so much busy in
their daily lives that they hardly get a chance to sink in the relaxing moods and enjoy the frolic mood
away from the busy city streets.

Though it’s a fact that the City itself provides a lot of options in terms of Picturesque views , beaches,
Mouth watering cuisines , Shopping heavens, but all those options comes within the Busy lifestyle
nature of the city. Therefore, people often look around to some weekend getaways where they can
isolate themselves along with their loved ones for a day or two and sulk in the beauty of nature at least
for some time. Let’s take at some of the best places for Weekend trips from Mumbai.


Alibaug is one of the most famous weekend trip options if yo u are living in Mumbai and its Natural
beauty along with pleasant weather would certainly give you a feeling of Calmness for a long time. The
place is generally surrounded by beaches and a number of Forts and if you are planning a weekend trip
from Mumbai to get off from that hectic life, this place should be in your bucket list.

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Moreover, the place comes with a lustful of Water sports activities on offer like Jet ski, Kayaking, Banana
Boat ride and lot more. If you talk about the beaches, the best ones around this place are Kihim , Akshi
and Nagaon beach and in terms of Forts , it consists of some famous forts like Khanderi, Kolaba and
Janjira fort. Though you can visit this place anytime of the year, October to may is still the best time to
come over here as during this time, the weather would be more pleasant to suit your Weekend desires.

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This is another “Beach Heaven” where you can get along with a number of beautiful beaches, mouth
watering sea food, Ancient temples, famous Caves and Forts to serve you with the best treat for your
weekend trip from Mumbai. Apart from enjoying all the water sports like Jet skiing and Para sailing, you
can also go for Sightseeing, Trekking and the famous Dolphin watch ride.

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Some of the famous places in Dapoli which you must visit during your weekend trip from mumbai are
Harnai Port and Beach, UnHavare Hot water spring and Suvarnadurg fort.If you arfe looking for a
weekend trip from Mumbai which must leave you will all the refreshing memories and Rejuvenation,
then Dapoli must be the first in your Bucket List.


If you are looking forward to a soulful place with all the greenery around, than Igatpuri is a “Must to go”
place for your next Weekend trip from Mumbai. The place is surrounded by High Mountains and green
valleys along with the most picturesque views of its lakes and rivers and that is something which makes
it a perfect weekend getaway far away from the busy life of City suburbs.

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Some of the places that you must look around on your next visit here are Bhatsa River valley,Tringalwadi
Fort, Kalsubai Peak, Vaitarna Dam and camel valley. Though the place is a must visit all year along, but
still if you want to have the best feeling of this perfect destination , Monsoon time is the best time to
come over and make yourself lost in the serenic beauty of this place.


Karjat is another perfect weekend getaways for the people of Delhi and surely one of the most sought
option for a weekend trip from Mumbai. While the place is closes to Mumbai, it is the mostly visited
place than any other weekend destination around. Apart from the Lush green valleys and mountains
around, the place is home to some of the famous spots like Kondana caves, Bhivpuri Waterfall, Peth Fort
and Kondeshwar Temple

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You can come over to the place for a team outing from office or a picnic with your friends and families
and while anytime of the year is a perfect time to pay a visit to this beautiful place, you must come over
between November and February to get the best Glimpse out of it.


If we talk about a perfect weekend trip from Mumbai to a hill station, then Panchgani should be right up
there in your priority list. From the Lush green valley’s to the Picturesque view of the hilly areas, this
place got it all to feed in your desires for a perfect treat in the lap of the nature. Moreover the place is
world famous for it Strawberry farms and all the ancient monuments around its vicinity.

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There are a number of other main attraction at this place which are Lingmala falls, Pratapgarh Fort,
Sydney Point, Dhom dham, Kamalgad fort and Venna lake.The place is also home to one of the most
adventurous sports like Paragliding, , trekking, Hiking, rappelling and camping. Though you can pay a
visit to this place anytime during the year, the best time to come over here is From September until

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