5 Beautiful Visa Free Countries for Indians

Visa Free Countries for Indians

International vacation is a dream of every Traveler. But unfortunately for Indians, it’s super expensive because of the visa restrictions. Securing a visa to some countries is more expensive than flight fares especially for Indians. Indians need to obtain a visa prior to visiting most of the countries. Our Global Passport Power Rank is above 200 which is poor. In spite of that, Indians can visit 24 countries on this planet without a visa! Some of them are exotic countries. Here are the 5 Beautiful Visa Free Countries for Indians.

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Bhutan | 5 Beautiful Visa Free Countries for Indians

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Visa is not required for 30 days

It’s one of the countries which pioneered a concept called Gross National Happiness. Nothing is more important than happiness for the Bhutanese people. The Snowcapped mountains, extraordinary Trekking routes, ancient Buddhist monasteries, exciting adventures are some of the thrilling things one can expect from Bhutan travel. Now comes the best part. Indians just need an ID card or Passport to get a permit to Bhutan. You can submit them at the office while you are crossing Indian border and enter Bhutan. There are many direct flights from New Delhi to Paru.

Maldives | 5 Beautiful Visa Free Countries for Indians

MaldivesImage Source

Visa is not required for 90 days

The Maldives is an amalgamation of over 1000 coral islands in the Indian Ocean. It’s a tropical paradise which is known from wonderful beaches, coral reefs, blue lagoons, and water adventures. Snorkeling, Surfing, Scuba Diving are some of the water adventures you can enjoy in the Maldives. Indians do not require a Visa for a 3-month stay!

Indonesia | 5 Beautiful Visa Free Countries for Indians

IndonesiaImage Source

Visa is not required for 30 days

Indonesia is considered as an exotic destination by travelers around the globe. No other country can offer the excitement and diversity offered by Indonesia. Hands downs, it’s the favorite destination for many travelers. It spans across Oceania with more than 20,000 islands which offer a million things to get amazed. Yogyakarta which is one of the most popular temples in the world is there in Indonesia.

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Nepal | 5 Beautiful Visa Free Countries for Indians

Visa is not required for 30 days

Nepal is a neighboring country to India and is considered as a Trekkers paradise. It’s always high on the cultural and Adventurous side. World’s highest mountain Mt.Everest is located in Nepal. The best thing for Indians is that Indian Rupee is valid in Nepal country. You need not exchange currency can buy the stuff with our currency notes.

Trinidad &Tobago | 5 Beautiful Visa Free Countries for Indians

Trinidad and TobagoImage Source

Visa is not required for 90 days

This intriguing dual island is popular for its carnival celebrations. Caribbean vacation is always charming with its beautiful Mangroves, Beaches, and rainforested hills. The outstanding wildlife and incredible flora and fauna in Trinidad and Tobago islands are untouched and stand as the major attraction.

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There are some more countries in which Indians can happily travel without any visa. But we think that the above five are the most exotic ones. There are over 20 countries which Indians can visit without a visa but have to obtain it on the arrival.

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