10 Wackiest Hotels That Will Make You Want To Visit These Countries

Arctic TreeHouse Hotel, Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland

Nowadays, people travel to lots and lots of tourist spots all over the world. While traveling continuously, we need some accommodation. The main purpose of hotels is to give refreshment, shelter, provide food, and services that act as a very major role in everyone’s life. Based on journey time, household things is being unavailable to the people. Here we come up with 10 Wackiest Hotels That Will Make You Want To Visit These Countries.

10 wackiest hotels that will make you want to visit these countriesSource Image

Wackiest hotels in the world

Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi | 10 Wackiest Hotels That Will Make You Want To Visit These Countries

This Emirates Palace is considered one of the most luxurious hotels all over the world. Also, it is the very favorite among the guests. Based on the accommodations being associated with the latest technology, there are 14 varieties of the food and the outlet of the beverages chosen.    

Features of Emirates Palace

  • Generally, in all the rooms it has a luxurious feature bed that is mainly being furnished in a good manner. It also has marble bathrooms, interactive HD TV, integrated room controls and the choice of the TV channels is 150.
  • There is an availability of free Wi-Fi with a high speed, and 24- hour butler services are available for every room.

Emirates Palace, Abu DhabiSource Image

Das Park Hotel, Linz, Austria | 10 Wackiest Hotels That Will Make You Want To Visit These Countries

Das Park Hotel is considered a unique hotel in the world. It is mainly located in the ottensheim as it mainly conceived and hospitality available. And there is also the availability of power, light, blanket, cotton sleeping bag. So, due to this people prefer these types of hotels and also the food provided in this hotel is also very much delicious to eat.

Features of Das Park Hotel

  • In these hotels, the rooms are designed in such a way that, old sewer pipes are being introduced. Even though the room is made up of a little amount of space, there is more comfort available.
  • The color of the hotel is made up of dark greenish in color or either brown. The bedroom is being attached to the toilet, such that and toilet paper is also provided in a local petrol station.

Das Park Hotel, Linz, AustriaSource Image

Gamirasu Cave Hotel, Turkey | 10 Wackiest Hotels That Will Make You Want To Visit These Countries

In 1998, the hotel is opened near Urgup in the Ayvali Village. It is considered as a cave-like structure, as it cuts the volcanic rock. In the region of Cappadocia, the hotels fulfill all the requirements of the travelers. Due to this, most of the guests and foreigners prefer this type of hotel all over the world.

Features of Gamirasu Cave Hotel

  • The most important feature is there is a “Certificate of Excellence” being issued. And it acts as major international travel guides as the best hotel in Cappadocia.
  • The basic features are the outdoor pool is available for the purpose of swimming to keep the mind fresh and body healthy.
  • There is also an important facility available in rooms such as the room telephone, hair dryer, tea machine, shower-stall in the purpose of bathing and coffeemaker etc.

Gamirasu Cave Hotel, TurkeySource Image

The Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho, USA | 10 Wackiest Hotels That Will Make You Want To Visit These Countries

The Dog Bark Park Inn hotel is opened in the year 2003. Dennis Sullivan and Frances Conklin is the owner. This hotel is situated in North Central Idaho. The shape of the hotel is generally beagle, as it is considered as a famous landmark all over the world. Based on colloquially by local residents, it is known as Sweet Willy.

Features of the Dog Bark Park Inn

  • It is a two-floor hotel with the average height of 9.14m. The main features are there is a refrigerator provided in every room, and as it is pet-friendly, the pets are allowed inside the hotel.
  • There is also free Internet and a Public Wi-Fi been available and breakfast is also been included for children, family, adults.

The Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho, USASource Image

V8 Hotel, Stuttgart, Germany | 10 Wackiest Hotels That Will Make You Want To Visit These Countries

The importance of the hotel is there is domination of vehicle theme in the reception area of the hotel. Most of the people all over the world are amazed to live at least for a day in the themed rooms. During every week, this hotel has the tendency of attracting all peoples such as children, businessmen, pensioners, and families to visit this place.

Features of V8 Hotel, Stuttgart

  • It is the four-star hotels, as it is been associated with the car theme starting from the reception to the restaurant.
  • It has 34 rooms and antique accessories are used for the purpose of decorating the rooms.

V8 Hotel, Stuttgart, GermanySource Image

Arctic TreeHouse Hotel, Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland | 10 Wackiest Hotels That Will Make You Want To Visit These Countries

This hotel has a blend of luxury comfort unique in the Arctic nature. The accommodation is based on panoramic views, as it has the spectacles which are mainly being impressive. As it has a stylish surrounding, most of the people often prefer this restaurant.

Arctic TreeHouse Hotel, Rovaniemi, Finnish LaplandSource Image

Features of Arctic TreeHouse Hotel

  • It is a nest-like structure made up of the panoramic windows in the room.
  • The food has the flavor of the northern ingredient and has a good quality of dinner. For a tasty purpose, the spice is added extra in quantity.

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Crazy Bear, UK | 10 Wackiest Hotels That Will Make You Want To Visit These Countries

The main inspiration of this hotel is being inspired by Las Vegas, Rouge, and Moulin Rouge. Due to so many people have a desire of visiting these hotels when they have the vacation time around the UK.

Features of Crazy Bear

  • The rooms have a uniqueness in which it has a decorative staircase with a painting that is foliated in 24- carat gold leaf.
  • And the walls of a bar are like a pony skin and a mirror is chill-out from toilets and it is unmarked liberally.

Crazy Bear, UKSource Image

Giraffe Manor, Kenya | 10 Wackiest Hotels That Will Make You Want To Visit These Countries

During 1930, European visitors visited for enjoying in safaris. Based on the friendly nature, the person often makes visit have a friendly environment. The workers make a delicious dish to the travelers and serve them in a good manner.

Features of Giraffe Manor

  • The appearance of the hotel is Rothschild giraffe that survives on land with the large necks that is being pocked in the window.
  • The hotel is very well known for its cleanliness.

Giraffe Manor, KenyaSource Image

Hotel Marques De Riscal, Spain | 10 Wackiest Hotels That Will Make You Want To Visit These Countries

The architect of this hotel is Frank Gehry which is mainly located in Elcigo. Based on important of these projects, it is to implement the number of ideas for increasing the hotel management in these places.

Hotel Marques De Riscal, SpainSource Image

Features of Hotel Marques De Riscal

  • The structure of the hotel is avant-garde in shape.
  • It is made up of huge titanium ribbons in contrast to vineyard surrounding. So due to this people often prefer this type of hotels.
  • And the room has network availability.

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